Elementary Technical Mathematics

12th Edition
Dale Ewen
ISBN: 9781337630580



Elementary Technical Mathematics

12th Edition
Dale Ewen
ISBN: 9781337630580
Textbook Problem

Solve each triangle using the labels as shown in Illustration 1 (round lengths of sides to three significant digits and angles to the nearest tenth of a degree):



B = 24.7 ° , C = 136.1 °   , a = 342  m

To determine

To calculate: The lengths of each side and each angle of the illustrated triangle below where B=24.7°,C=136.1°,a=342m,



Given Information:

The provided sides are, B=24.7°,C=136.1°,a=342m and figure is,

Formula Used:

According to law of Sines,


According to angle sum property of triangle,



Consider the figure below,

By the law of Sines,


By using the above formula,


According to angle sum property of triangle,


By using above formula,


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