Management, Loose-Leaf Version

13th Edition
Richard L. Daft
ISBN: 9781305969308



Management, Loose-Leaf Version

13th Edition
Richard L. Daft
ISBN: 9781305969308
Textbook Problem

In what way is Ganahl’s leadership charismatic and visionary? Give examples.

Summary Introduction

To determine:

Whether Ganahl is both a visionary and charismatic leader.


Leadership refers to the act of leading an organization or a group of people. It is the manager's ability to persuade subordinate or team members to work with zeal and confidence. It involves the potential of a manager to influence other's behavior in the organization.


Heidi reflects visionary and charismatic leadership. A positive image is created out of visionary leadership that provide direction for goal setting, future planning and motivate organizational members. She has clearly stated in the video that she is very goal oriented and has high expectations for the company. She does not want to allow anyone to create obstruction in way of company's success as she is a visionary. She wants the company to perform up to its maximum throttle and help animals in the best possible manner. An individual that establish a relationship with followers which is extremely strong is known as a charismatic leader. Heidi stands to be the right example of charismatic leadership because she has made many friends over time with management members and have many family members in business...

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