Elementary Technical Mathematics

12th Edition
Dale Ewen
ISBN: 9781337630580



Elementary Technical Mathematics

12th Edition
Dale Ewen
ISBN: 9781337630580
Textbook Problem

In Exercises 1–6, find each sample space.

Marbles taken two at a time from a bag with 2 red marbles and 1 white marble

To determine

To calculate: The sample space of the marbles if the bag contain 2 red marbles and 1 white marble taken two at a time.


Given Information:

A bag with 2 red marbles and 1 white marble

Formula used:

Set of all possible outcome is known as sample space.


Consider a bag with 2 red marbles and 1 white marble.

Two marbles are taken at a time. The possible choices are,


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Chapter 15 Solutions

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Sect-15.1 P-11ESect-15.1 P-12ESect-15.1 P-13ESect-15.1 P-14ESect-15.1 P-15ESect-15.1 P-16ESect-15.1 P-17ESect-15.1 P-18ESect-15.1 P-19ESect-15.1 P-20ESect-15.1 P-21ESect-15.1 P-22ESect-15.1 P-23ESect-15.1 P-24ESect-15.1 P-25ESect-15.2 P-1ESect-15.2 P-2ESect-15.2 P-3ESect-15.2 P-4ESect-15.2 P-5ESect-15.2 P-6ESect-15.2 P-7ESect-15.2 P-8ESect-15.2 P-9ESect-15.2 P-10ESect-15.2 P-11ESect-15.2 P-12ESect-15.2 P-13ESect-15.2 P-14ESect-15.2 P-15ESect-15.2 P-16ESect-15.2 P-17ESect-15.2 P-18ESect-15.2 P-19ESect-15.2 P-20ESect-15.3 P-1ESect-15.3 P-2ESect-15.3 P-3ESect-15.3 P-4ESect-15.3 P-5ESect-15.3 P-6ESect-15.3 P-7ESect-15.3 P-8ESect-15.3 P-9ESect-15.3 P-10ESect-15.3 P-11ESect-15.3 P-12ESect-15.3 P-13ESect-15.3 P-14ESect-15.3 P-15ESect-15.4 P-1ESect-15.4 P-2ESect-15.4 P-3ESect-15.4 P-4ESect-15.4 P-5ESect-15.4 P-6ESect-15.4 P-7ESect-15.4 P-8ESect-15.4 P-9ESect-15.4 P-10ESect-15.5 P-1ESect-15.5 P-2ESect-15.5 P-3ESect-15.5 P-4ESect-15.5 P-5ESect-15.5 P-6ESect-15.5 P-7ESect-15.5 P-8ESect-15.5 P-9ESect-15.5 P-10ESect-15.5 P-11ESect-15.5 P-12ESect-15.5 P-13ESect-15.5 P-14ESect-15.5 P-15ESect-15.5 P-16ESect-15.5 P-17ESect-15.5 P-18ESect-15.5 P-19ESect-15.5 P-20ESect-15.5 P-21ESect-15.5 P-22ESect-15.6 P-1ESect-15.6 P-2ESect-15.6 P-3ESect-15.6 P-4ESect-15.6 P-5ESect-15.6 P-6ESect-15.6 P-7ESect-15.6 P-8ESect-15.6 P-9ESect-15.6 P-10ESect-15.6 P-11ESect-15.6 P-12ESect-15.6 P-13ESect-15.6 P-14ESect-15.6 P-15ESect-15.6 P-16ESect-15.6 P-17ESect-15.6 P-18ESect-15.6 P-19ESect-15.6 P-20ESect-15.6 P-21ESect-15.6 P-22ESect-15.6 P-23ESect-15.6 P-24ESect-15.6 P-25ESect-15.6 P-26ESect-15.6 P-27ESect-15.6 P-28ESect-15.6 P-29ESect-15.6 P-30ESect-15.6 P-31ESect-15.6 P-32ESect-15.6 P-33ESect-15.6 P-34ESect-15.6 P-35ESect-15.6 P-36ESect-15.6 P-37ESect-15.6 P-38ESect-15.7 P-1ESect-15.7 P-2ESect-15.7 P-3ESect-15.7 P-4ESect-15.7 P-5ESect-15.7 P-6ESect-15.7 P-7ESect-15.7 P-8ESect-15.7 P-9ESect-15.7 P-10ESect-15.7 P-11ESect-15.7 P-12ESect-15.7 P-13ESect-15.7 P-14ESect-15.7 P-15ESect-15.7 P-16ESect-15.7 P-17ESect-15.7 P-18ESect-15.7 P-19ESect-15.7 P-20ESect-15.7 P-21ESect-15.7 P-22ESect-15.7 P-23ESect-15.7 P-24ESect-15.7 P-25ESect-15.7 P-26ESect-15.7 P-27ESect-15.7 P-28ESect-15.7 P-29ESect-15.7 P-30ESect-15.7 P-31ESect-15.7 P-32ESect-15.7 P-33ESect-15.7 P-34ESect-15.7 P-35ESect-15.7 P-36ESect-15.7 P-37ESect-15.7 P-38ESect-15.7 P-39ESect-15.7 P-40ESect-15.8 P-1ESect-15.8 P-2ESect-15.8 P-3ESect-15.8 P-4ESect-15.8 P-5ESect-15.8 P-6ESect-15.8 P-7ESect-15.8 P-8ESect-15.8 P-9ESect-15.8 P-10ESect-15.8 P-11ESect-15.8 P-12ESect-15.8 P-13ESect-15.8 P-14ESect-15.8 P-15ESect-15.8 P-16ESect-15.9 P-1ESect-15.9 P-2ESect-15.9 P-3ESect-15.9 P-4ESect-15.9 P-5ESect-15.9 P-6ESect-15.9 P-7ESect-15.9 P-8ESect-15.9 P-9ESect-15.9 P-10ESect-15.9 P-11ESect-15.9 P-12ESect-15.9 P-13ESect-15.9 P-14ESect-15.9 P-15ESect-15.9 P-16ESect-15.9 P-17ESect-15.10 P-1ESect-15.10 P-2ESect-15.10 P-3ESect-15.10 P-4ESect-15.11 P-1ESect-15.11 P-2ESect-15.11 P-3ESect-15.11 P-4ESect-15.11 P-5ESect-15.11 P-6ESect-15.11 P-7ESect-15.11 P-8ESect-15.11 P-9ESect-15.11 P-10ESect-15.11 P-11ESect-15.11 P-12ESect-15.12 P-1ESect-15.12 P-2ESect-15.12 P-3ESect-15.12 P-4ESect-15.12 P-5ESect-15.12 P-6ESect-15.12 P-7ESect-15.12 P-8ESect-15.13 P-1ESect-15.13 P-2ESect-15.13 P-3ESect-15.13 P-4ESect-15.13 P-5ESect-15.13 P-6ESect-15.13 P-7ESect-15.13 P-8ESect-15.13 P-9ESect-15.13 P-10ESect-15.13 P-11ESect-15.13 P-12ESect-15.13 P-13ESect-15.13 P-14ESect-15.13 P-15ESect-15.13 P-16ESect-15.13 P-17ESect-15.13 P-18ESect-15.14 P-1ESect-15.14 P-2ESect-15.14 P-3ESect-15.14 P-4ESect-15.14 P-5ESect-15.14 P-6ESect-15.14 P-7ESect-15.14 P-8ESect-15.14 P-9ESect-15.14 P-10ESect-15.14 P-11ESect-15.14 P-12ESect-15.14 P-13ESect-15.14 P-14ESect-15.14 P-15ESect-15.14 P-16ECh-15 P-1RCh-15 P-2RCh-15 P-3RCh-15 P-4RCh-15 P-5RCh-15 P-6RCh-15 P-7RCh-15 P-8RCh-15 P-9RCh-15 P-10RCh-15 P-11RCh-15 P-12RCh-15 P-13RCh-15 P-14RCh-15 P-15RCh-15 P-16RCh-15 P-1TCh-15 P-2TCh-15 P-3TCh-15 P-4TCh-15 P-5TCh-15 P-6TCh-15 P-7TCh-15 P-8TCh-15 P-9TCh-15 P-10TCh-15 P-11TCh-15 P-12TCh-15 P-13TCh-15 P-14TCh-15 P-15TCh-15 P-16T

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