9th Edition
Steven S. Zumdahl
ISBN: 9781133611097




9th Edition
Steven S. Zumdahl
ISBN: 9781133611097
Textbook Problem

Consider a solution made by mixing 500.0 mL of 4.0 M NH3 and 500.0 mL of 0.40 M AgNO3. Ag+ reacts with NH3 to form AgNH3+ and Ag(NH3)2+:

Ag + ( a q ) + N H 3 ( a q ) A g N H 3 + ( a q ) K 1 = 2.1 × 10 3 AgNH 3 + ( a q ) + N H 3 ( a q ) A g ( N H 3 ) 2 + ( a q ) K 2 = 8. 2 × 10 3

Determine the concentration of all species in solution.

Interpretation Introduction

Interpretation: The concentration of all the species in the given reaction is to be calculated.

Concept introduction: The solubility product is the mathematical product of a substance’s dissolved ion concentration raised to its power of its stoichiometric coefficients. When sparingly soluble ionic compound releases ions in the solution, it gives relevant solubility product. The solvent is generally water.



To determine: The concentration of all the species in the given reaction.

The equilibrium constant of the equation (3) is 1.7×107_ .

The given equilibrium reactions are,

Ag++NH3AgNH3+K1=2.1×103 (1)

AgNH3++NH3Ag(NH3)2+K2=8.2×103 (2)

The net equilibrium reaction for the mixture is calculated by adding equation (1) and equation (2) which is,

Ag++2NH3Ag(NH3)2+ (3)

The equilibrium constant for the reaction is calculates by the formula,



  • K is the equilibrium constant of equation (3).
  • K1 is the equilibrium constant of equation (1).
  • K2 is the equilibrium constant of equation (2).

Substitute the value of K1 and K2 in the above formula.


The [Ag+]=4.6×10-9M_ .

The [NH3]=1.6M_ .

The [Ag(NH3)2+]=0.20M_ .

The initial concentration of [Ag+] and [NH3] would be half because equal volume of two solutions are mixed.

The change in concentration of species at equilibrium is assumed to be x . The ICE table for the reaction is,


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