College Accounting, Chapters 1-27

23rd Edition
HEINTZ + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337794756



College Accounting, Chapters 1-27

23rd Edition
HEINTZ + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337794756
Textbook Problem

UNCOLLECTIBLE ACCOUNTS—ALLOWANCE METHOD Lewis Warehouse used the allowance method to record the following transactions, adjusting entries, and closing entries during the year ended December 31, 20--:


Selected accounts and beginning balances on January 1, 20--, are as follows:



  1. 1. Open the three selected general ledger accounts.
  2. 2. Enter the transactions and the adjusting and closing entries in a general journal (page 6). After each entry, post to the appropriate selected accounts.
  3. 3. Determine the net realizable value as of December 31, 20--.


To determine

Record the adjusting and closing entries in a general journal.


Accounts receivable:

Accounts receivable refers to the amounts to be received within a short period from customers upon the sale of goods and services on account. In other words, accounts receivable are amounts customers owe to the business. Accounts receivable is an asset of a business.

Bad debt expense:

Bad debt expense is an expense account. The amounts of loss incurred from extending credit to the customers are recorded as bad debt expense. In other words, the estimated uncollectible accounts receivable are known as bad debt expense.

Direct write-off method:

This method does not make allowance or estimation for uncollectible accounts, instead this method directly write-off the actual uncollectible accounts by debiting bad debt expense and by crediting accounts receivable. Under this method, accounts would be written off only when the receivables from a customer remain uncollectible.

Allowance method:

It is a method for accounting bad debt expense, where amount of uncollectible accounts receivables are estimated and recorded at the end of particular period. Under this method, bad debts expenses are estimated and recorded prior to the occurrence of actual bad debt, in compliance with matching principle by using the allowance for doubtful account...


To determine

Open the three general ledger accounts and post the entries.


To determine

Calculate the net realizable value as of December 31.

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