Principles of Geotechnical Enginee...

9th Edition
Braja M. Das + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305970939



Principles of Geotechnical Enginee...

9th Edition
Braja M. Das + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305970939
Textbook Problem

Based on the soil type of the 2B zone determined in Problem 17.12, what would be the average N60 for that soil? Use Figure 17.13.

17.12 The cone penetration resistance (qc) and sleeve-frictional resistance (fc) obtained during a subsoil exploration program are shown in Figure 1717 A square footing (B = 1.5 m) is to be constructed at a depth of 1 m. Estimate the type of soil within a distance of 2B below the footing. Use the Robertson et al. correlation chart (Figure 17.13)


To determine

Find the average of N60 for the soil.


Given information:

The width of footing (B) is 1.5m.

The atmospheric pressure (pa) is 100kN/m2.


Find the distance 2B of the footing as follows:

Substitute 1.5m for B.


Therefore, Cone penetration resistance and sleeve friction area averaged up to 3m footing.(depth of 4m from the surface).

Refer Figure 17.17 in the textbook.

Take the value of average value of cone penetration (qc)  and average value of friction area (fc) using figure 17.17 as shown in Table 1.

Depth (m)qc(kN/m2)(fc)kN/m2

Find the average value of cone penetration (qc) resistance using Table 1.


Find the average value of friction area (fc) using Table 1.


Calculate the average friction ratio (Fr) using the equation as follows:

Fr=fcqc (1)

Substitute 78kN/m2 for fc and 4,250kN/m2 for qc in Equation (1)

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