9th Edition
Steven S. Zumdahl
ISBN: 9781133611097




9th Edition
Steven S. Zumdahl
ISBN: 9781133611097
Textbook Problem

For the reaction

CS 2 ( g )   +   3 O 2 ( g )    CO 2 ( g )   +   2 SO 2 ( g )

S° is equal to −143 J/K. Use this value and data from Appendix 4 to calculate the value of S° for CS2(g).

Interpretation Introduction

Interpretation: The reaction between CS2(g) , 3O2(g) and the value of ΔS for this reaction is given. The value of S is to be calculated for CS2(g) .

Concept introduction: Entropy (ΔS) is the measure of degree of disorder or randomness.

The expression for ΔS is,




The stated reaction is,


The value of ΔS for this reaction is 143J/K .

Refer to Appendix 4 .

The value of S(J/Kmol) for the given reactant and product is,

Molecules S(J/Kmol)
CO2(g) 214
SO2(g) 248
O2(g) 205

The formula of ΔS is,



  • ΔS is the standard entropy of reaction.
  • np is the number of moles of each product.
  • nr is the number of moles each reactant.
  • S(product) is the standard entropy of product at a pressure of 1atm .
  • S(reactant) is the standard entropy of reactant at a pressure of 1atm .

Substitute all values from the table in the above equation

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