Accounting Information Systems

11th Edition
Ulric J. Gelinas + 3 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337552127

Accounting Information Systems

11th Edition
Ulric J. Gelinas + 3 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337552127


Chapter 17, Problem 9RQ
Textbook Problem

Compare and contrast tangible and intangible benefits.

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Chapter 17 Solutions

Accounting Information Systems
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Ch. 17 - What does TELOS stand for? How is it helpful?Ch. 17 - What is systems selection?Ch. 17 - What does the approved configuration plan specify?Ch. 17 - What are the reasons for using external versus...Ch. 17 - What is a request for proposal (RFP)?Ch. 17 - What are the approaches to obtaining an RFP?Ch. 17 - Why might a company issue an RFP for general...Ch. 17 - What is the difference between a specification and...Ch. 17 - Describe the process used to evaluate vendor...Ch. 17 - What is structured systems design?Ch. 17 - What is systems implementation?Ch. 17 - What are the three major approaches to...Ch. 17 - What is the riskiest approach to systems...Ch. 17 - What two variables should be considered when...Ch. 17 - What is the purpose of testing the entire system...Ch. 17 - Describe the major steps in a post-implementation...Ch. 17 - What are the three types of maintenance...Ch. 17 - What skills do accountants have to contribute to...Ch. 17 - What roles can an accountant play in the...Ch. 17 - Identify and discuss several factors affecting the...Ch. 17 - How might the absence of an organizations...Ch. 17 - In doing a preliminary survey for the proposed...Ch. 17 - Some people on the finance staff of your...Ch. 17 - Because a vendor would never propose a system that...Ch. 17 - A seasoned systems employee was overheard saying,...Ch. 17 - One of the tasks of systems analysis is to choose...Ch. 17 - Discuss the decisions that must be made prior to...Ch. 17 - Indicate who you would include on a systems...Ch. 17 - If the results of the cost/benefit analysis do not...Ch. 17 - Discuss why the knowledge of documentation...Ch. 17 - The Shark Company requests bids from hardware...Ch. 17 - An organization puts itself at a disadvantage by...Ch. 17 - Compare and contrast the efficiency and...Ch. 17 - Assume that you are the manager of an accounts...Ch. 17 - a. Which, if any, category of application systems...Ch. 17 - Refer to the typical contents of a project...Ch. 17 - Periodically, students comment that they are...Ch. 17 - As an accountant working in the internal audit...Ch. 17 - Search the Internet for an ERP failure that...Ch. 17 - Propose ways that the following intangible and/or...Ch. 17 - Give examples, other than those used in this...Ch. 17 - Historically, when one thought about buying an ERP...Ch. 17 - Monday morning, your client, Michele, calls to...Ch. 17 - TM Office Supplies, Inc., is a wholesale...Ch. 17 - For each problem described, list and explain the...Ch. 17 - Assume that you are working with a payroll...

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