An Introduction to Physical Science

14th Edition
James Shipman + 3 others
ISBN: 9781305079137



An Introduction to Physical Science

14th Edition
James Shipman + 3 others
ISBN: 9781305079137
Textbook Problem

The famous Orion Nebula is which of the following? (18.4)

  1. (a) an emission nebula
  2. (b) a reflection nebula
  3. (c) a planetary nebula
  4. (d) a dark nebula

To determine
The famous Orion nebula.


There are two types of nebulae: bright nebulae and dark nebulae. Bright nebuale can be emission nebulae, in which the brightness comes from hydrogen gas ionised by energy from nearby stars.

Dark nebulae are produced when starlight is obscured by relatively dense cloud of interstellar dust. Example of dark nebulae is “the horsehead nebula” in orion constellation.

“The great nebula” is the famous emission nebulain orion constellation. It is one of the brightest in the night sky and closest to earth.


Emission nebula is the famous Orion nebula...

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Chapter 18 Solutions

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Sect-18.5 P-2PQSect-18.6 P-1PQSect-18.6 P-2PQSect-18.7 P-1PQSect-18.7 P-2PQSect-18.7 P-18.2CECh-18 P-AMCh-18 P-BMCh-18 P-CMCh-18 P-DMCh-18 P-EMCh-18 P-FMCh-18 P-GMCh-18 P-HMCh-18 P-IMCh-18 P-JMCh-18 P-KMCh-18 P-LMCh-18 P-MMCh-18 P-NMCh-18 P-OMCh-18 P-PMCh-18 P-QMCh-18 P-RMCh-18 P-SMCh-18 P-TMCh-18 P-UMCh-18 P-VMCh-18 P-WMCh-18 P-XMCh-18 P-YMCh-18 P-ZMCh-18 P-AAMCh-18 P-1MCCh-18 P-2MCCh-18 P-3MCCh-18 P-4MCCh-18 P-5MCCh-18 P-6MCCh-18 P-7MCCh-18 P-8MCCh-18 P-9MCCh-18 P-10MCCh-18 P-11MCCh-18 P-12MCCh-18 P-13MCCh-18 P-14MCCh-18 P-15MCCh-18 P-16MCCh-18 P-17MCCh-18 P-18MCCh-18 P-19MCCh-18 P-20MCCh-18 P-1FIBCh-18 P-2FIBCh-18 P-3FIBCh-18 P-4FIBCh-18 P-5FIBCh-18 P-6FIBCh-18 P-7FIBCh-18 P-8FIBCh-18 P-9FIBCh-18 P-10FIBCh-18 P-11FIBCh-18 P-12FIBCh-18 P-13FIBCh-18 P-14FIBCh-18 P-15FIBCh-18 P-16FIBCh-18 P-17FIBCh-18 P-18FIBCh-18 P-19FIBCh-18 P-20FIBCh-18 P-1SACh-18 P-2SACh-18 P-3SACh-18 P-4SACh-18 P-5SACh-18 P-6SACh-18 P-7SACh-18 P-8SACh-18 P-9SACh-18 P-10SACh-18 P-11SACh-18 P-12SACh-18 P-13SACh-18 P-14SACh-18 P-15SACh-18 P-16SACh-18 P-17SACh-18 P-18SACh-18 P-19SACh-18 P-20SACh-18 P-21SACh-18 P-22SACh-18 P-23SACh-18 P-24SACh-18 P-25SACh-18 P-26SACh-18 P-27SACh-18 P-28SACh-18 P-29SACh-18 P-30SACh-18 P-31SACh-18 P-32SACh-18 P-33SACh-18 P-34SACh-18 P-35SACh-18 P-36SACh-18 P-37SACh-18 P-38SACh-18 P-39SACh-18 P-40SACh-18 P-41SACh-18 P-42SACh-18 P-1VCCh-18 P-1AYKCh-18 P-2AYKCh-18 P-3AYKCh-18 P-4AYKCh-18 P-5AYKCh-18 P-6AYKCh-18 P-7AYKCh-18 P-1ECh-18 P-2ECh-18 P-3ECh-18 P-4ECh-18 P-5ECh-18 P-6ECh-18 P-7ECh-18 P-8ECh-18 P-9ECh-18 P-10ECh-18 P-11ECh-18 P-12E

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