Chemistry for Today: General, Orga...

9th Edition
Spencer L. Seager + 2 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305960060

Chemistry for Today: General, Orga...

9th Edition
Spencer L. Seager + 2 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305960060


Chapter 18, Problem 18.15E
Textbook Problem

From what general source do triglycerides tend to have more saturated fatty acids?

More unsaturated fatty acids?

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Chapter 18 Solutions

Chemistry for Today: General, Organic, and Biochemistry
Ch. 18 - What structural feature of a fatty acid is...Ch. 18 - How are fats and oils structurally similar? How...Ch. 18 - From Figure 18.7, arrange the following substances...Ch. 18 - Draw the structure of a triglyceride that contains...Ch. 18 - From what general source do triglycerides tend to...Ch. 18 - The percentage of fatty acid composition of two...Ch. 18 - Why is the amount of saturated fat in the diet a...Ch. 18 - What process is used to prepare a number of useful...Ch. 18 - Write equations for the following reaction using...Ch. 18 - Why is the hydrogenation of vegetable oils of...Ch. 18 - In general terms, name the products of the...Ch. 18 - Write reactions to show how each of the following...Ch. 18 - Draw the structure of a wax formed from oleic acid...Ch. 18 - Like fats, waxes are esters of long-chain fatty...Ch. 18 - Draw the structure of a wax formed from stearic...Ch. 18 - What role do waxes play in nature?Ch. 18 - How do phosphoglycerides differ structurally from...Ch. 18 - Draw the general block diagram structure of a...Ch. 18 - Draw the structure of a phosphoglyceride...Ch. 18 - Describe two biological roles served by the...Ch. 18 - Draw the structure of a lecithin. What structural...Ch. 18 - What is the structural difference between a...Ch. 18 - Where are cephalins found in the human body?Ch. 18 - Draw the general block diagram structure of a...Ch. 18 - List two structural differences between...Ch. 18 - List three diseases caused by abnormal metabolism...Ch. 18 - Describe the structural similarities and...Ch. 18 - Give another name for glycolipids. In what tissues...Ch. 18 - Where would you find membranes in a prokaryotic...Ch. 18 - What three classes of lipids are found in...Ch. 18 - How does the polarity of the phosphoglycerides...Ch. 18 - Describes the major features of the fluid-mosaic...Ch. 18 - Why is it suggested that some people restrict...Ch. 18 - Draw the characteristic chemical structure that...Ch. 18 - Explain how bile salts aid in the digestion of...Ch. 18 - List three important groups of compounds the body...Ch. 18 - What symptoms might indicate the presence of...Ch. 18 - What is the major component in gallstones?Ch. 18 - What is a hormone? What are the two major...Ch. 18 - Name the two groups of adrenocorticoid hormones,...Ch. 18 - How are testosterone and progesterone structurally...Ch. 18 - Name the primary male sex hormone and the three...Ch. 18 - Why do athletes use anabolic steroids? What side...Ch. 18 - What role do the estrogens and progesterone serve...Ch. 18 - What structural features characterize the...Ch. 18 - What compound serves as a starting material for...Ch. 18 - What body processes appear to be regulated in part...Ch. 18 - Name three therapeutic uses of prostaglandins.Ch. 18 - Unsaturated fatty acids are susceptible to...Ch. 18 - A red-brown solution of bromine (Br2) was added to...Ch. 18 - Which of the following waxes would have the lowest...Ch. 18 - Suggest a reason why complex lipids, such as...Ch. 18 - Many esters are pleasantly fragrant. Examples...Ch. 18 - Gasoline is soluble in nonpolar solvents. Why is...Ch. 18 - The structure of cellular membranes is such that...Ch. 18 - In Figure 18.7, the five vegetable oils listed are...Ch. 18 - Answer the question asked in Figure 18.9. How do...Ch. 18 - Why doesnt honey dissolve beeswax?Ch. 18 - In Figure 18.5 where the nonpolar tails are...Ch. 18 - Why are there so many structurally different kinds...Ch. 18 - In what ways are the structural features of...Ch. 18 - When a doughnut is placed on a napkin, the napkin...Ch. 18 - Fats belong to the class of organic compounds...Ch. 18 - Identify each of the following characteristics as...Ch. 18 - Identify which sex hormones testosterone,...Ch. 18 - Substance X passes through a cell membrane easily....Ch. 18 - In diseases of the gallbladder, which of the...Ch. 18 - Steroids are classified as: a.carbohydrates....Ch. 18 - Accumulation of cholesterol leads to the hardening...Ch. 18 - Cholesterol, in spite of its bad reputation, is an...Ch. 18 - Bile is manufactured in the: a. duodenum. b....Ch. 18 - The basic structure of cell membrane is a: a....Ch. 18 - The mineralocorticoid _____ is a product of the...Ch. 18 - Which cell type has a nucleus? a. bikaryotic b....Ch. 18 - The cells of a human body are: a. bikaryotic...

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