Biology (MindTap Course List)

11th Edition
Eldra Solomon + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337392938



Biology (MindTap Course List)

11th Edition
Eldra Solomon + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337392938
Textbook Problem

In _______________ the selecting agent is the environment, whereas in _______________ the selecting agent is humans. (a) natural selection; convergent evolution (b) mutation; artificial selection (c) homoplasy; homology (d) artificial selection; natural selection (e) natural selection; artificial selection

Summary Introduction

Introduction: Selection is one of the most important phenomenon during the course of evolution of a species. For evolution, it is important that some particular and the best characters are selected. This selection can be done by the capture itself. Humans perform selection majorly to develop special crop varieties. This selection can lead to the development of new crop species having desired characters.


Reason for the correct answer:

Selection of special characters in species carried by nature which ensure the continuity of the species is called natural selection, whereas selection of special characters artificially such as of plant species that are used to develop its new varieties is called artificial selection.

Option (e) is given as “natural selection; artificial selection”

During evolution, some characters are selected by nature. It is called natural selection. Plant breeders select required characters of a species to develop a new crop variety. This process is called artificial selection. Hence, the correct answer is option (e).

Reasons for the incorrect answers:

Option (a) is given as “natural selection; convergent evolution”.

During natural selection, the characters are selected by nature itself. Convergent evolution is the convergence of two unrelated species toward the development of similar characters...

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