Nutrition Through The Life Cycle

7th Edition
Brown + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337919333



Nutrition Through The Life Cycle

7th Edition
Brown + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337919333
Textbook Problem

About to turn 81, Elizabeth Wetter is 5 ft 6 in. tall and weighs 106 lb. She has had Parkinson’s disease for 5 years, but that is not what concerns her. Her problem is pain from arthritis and lack of energy. She saw an ad on television for a vitamin- mineral supplement with ginseng that promises “more energy.” Her son also told her to take a liquid dietary supplement to “feel better.” Eighteen months ago, she had successful surgery for colon cancer, which was followed by chemotherapy treatments. She is now free of cancer. After the cancer treatment, she fell and broke a hip. This healed well, but serious leg pains started shortly afterward. There seems to be no cause for the pain, and a cure is unavailable. She is no longer able to take her walks through the neighborhood or tend her prize-winning garden. She would like to weigh 118 pounds again (her “usual”) and is seeking nutritional counseling to try to regain some of her energy.

What are some of the nutritional issues faced by Ms. Wetter? (Hint: Calculate her current weight compared to her usual body weight as a percentage.)

Summary Introduction

To determine: Some nutritional issues that are faced by Person E.

Introduction: The Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) energy calculations are based on age and physical activity, and its goal is to maintain a healthy body weight. Underweight individuals require to regain energy in order to bring the body mass index (BMI) to normal.


Person E, aged 81, is 5 ft 6 in. tall and weighs 106 lb with a history of Parkinson’s disease for the last 5 years. Person E has arthritis pain and suffers from lack of energy. She learned from a television advertisement about a vitamin-mineral energy supplement with ginseng. Also, Person E’s son advised her to opt for a liquid dietary supplement.

Person E had a successful surgery related to colon cancer eighteen months ago and was followed by chemotherapy treatment which made her free from cancer. After the surgery, one day she fell and broke her hip. Though it had healed well, she started suffering from serious leg pain without any known reason. Person E is unable to walk properly owing to the pain which seems incurable, but she wants to gain her usual weight of 118 pounds...

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