9th Edition
Steven S. Zumdahl
ISBN: 9781133611097




9th Edition
Steven S. Zumdahl
ISBN: 9781133611097
Textbook Problem

A reported synthesis of the transuranium element bohrium (Bh) involved the bombardment of berkelium-249 with neon-22 to produce bohrium-267. Write a nuclear reaction for this synthesis. The half-life of bohrium-267 is 15.0 seconds. If 199 atoms of bohriurn-267 could be synthesized, how much time would elapse before only 11 atoms of bohrium-267 remain? What is the expected electron configuration of elemental bohriurn?

Interpretation Introduction

Interpretation: Nuclear reaction for the synthesis of bohrium is to be stated. Its half life is given. If 199 atoms of bohriumB 267 could be synthesized, time elapsed before only 11 atoms of Bohrium- 267 remain is to be stated. Expected electron configuration of elemental bohrium is to be stated.

Concept introduction: In radioactive decay, the decomposition of a parent nuclide takes place and a new daughter nuclide is formed.

Decay constant is the quantity that expresses the rate of decrease of number of atoms of a radioactive element per second.

Half life of radioactive sample is defined as the time required for the number of nuclides to reach half of the original value.

To determine: The nuclear reaction for the synthesis of bohrium, the time elapsed and the electronic configuration of Bohrium- 267 .



Bombardment of berkelium- 249 with neon- 22 results in the formation of Bohrium- 267 and four neutrons. The corresponding nuclear reaction is,

97249Bk+1022Ne107267Bh+401n .

The decay constant is 0.0462s-1_ .



The value of half life is 15s .

The decay constant is calculated by the formula given below.



  • t1/2 is the half life of nuclide.
  • k is decay constant.

Substitute the value of half life in the above formula.

k=0.69315s-1=0.0462s-1_ .

The decay constant is 0

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