Mechanics of Materials (MindTap Co...

9th Edition
Barry J. Goodno + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337093347



Mechanics of Materials (MindTap Co...

9th Edition
Barry J. Goodno + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337093347
Textbook Problem

By what distance h does the cage shown in the figure move downward when the weight W is placed inside it? (See the figure.)

Consider only the effects of the stretching of the cable, which has axial rigidity EA = 10,700 kN. The pulley at A has a diameter da= 300 mm and the pulley at B has a diameter dB= 150 mm. Also, the distance L1= 4.6 m, the distance L2=10.5 m, and the weight W = 22 kN. Note: When calculating the length of the cable. include the parts of the cable that go around the pulley sat A and B.



To determine

Distance h, when the weight W is placed inside the cage.


Given information:



Formula used:



Let us calculate the total length of cable;


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