Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458

Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458


Chapter 2, Problem 27CT
Textbook Problem

What activities might be considered cyberbullying? (94)

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Chapter 2 Solutions

Enhanced Discovering Computers 2017 (Shelly Cashman Series) (MindTap Course List)
Ch. 2 - Describe how and why cyberquatters register domain...Ch. 2 - State the purpose of a DNS server.Ch. 2 - Differentiate between static and dynamic webpages.Ch. 2 - Distinguish among the web, a webpage, a website,...Ch. 2 - Explain the purpose of a browser. Describe the...Ch. 2 - List ways you can browse safely.Ch. 2 - Name examples of popular browsers for personal...Ch. 2 - Define the term, web address. Name a synonym.Ch. 2 - Name and give examples of the components of a web...Ch. 2 - Describe the purpose of a web feed.Ch. 2 - Explain the relationship between web and mobile...Ch. 2 - Describe the purpose of GPS receivers, and why...Ch. 2 - Explain the risks and concerns involved in letting...Ch. 2 - Describe how to use a search engine. What are some...Ch. 2 - Besides webpages, identify other items a search...Ch. 2 - Differentiate between a search engine and a...Ch. 2 - Explain how to use an online social network for...Ch. 2 - List ways to use online social networks securely.Ch. 2 - Describe the purpose of these types of websites:...Ch. 2 - Is it ethical to use a fake name online? Why or...Ch. 2 - Describe the uses of tags. List steps to tag...Ch. 2 - Define the term, e-commerce. Differentiate among...Ch. 2 - List uses and benefits of content aggregation...Ch. 2 - Identify and briefly describe the steps in web...Ch. 2 - The _____ web design approach adapts the layout of...Ch. 2 - List the seven criteria for evaluating a websites...Ch. 2 - _____ refers to any application that combines text...Ch. 2 - Explain how webpages use graphics, animation,...Ch. 2 - Define the terms, thumbnail and infographic.Ch. 2 - Name the types of graphics formats used on the web...Ch. 2 - List general steps to download digital media.Ch. 2 - Describe the purpose of these Internet services...Ch. 2 - Describe the components of an email address.Ch. 2 - _____ refers to Internet communications in which...Ch. 2 - List steps to set up a personal VoIP service and...Ch. 2 - Describe how a home user interacts with digital...Ch. 2 - Define the term, netiquette.Ch. 2 - Describe cyberbullying, and explain why it is...Ch. 2 - Describe how the transportation industry uses...Ch. 2 - No single person or government agency controls or...Ch. 2 - The W3C is responsible for maintaining all...Ch. 2 - Users typically pay additional fees for mobile hot...Ch. 2 - A gigabyte (GB) is the basic storage unit on a...Ch. 2 - A dynamic webpages contents generate each time a...Ch. 2 - Most browsers are available for download at no...Ch. 2 - Mobile apps sometimes have fewer features than a...Ch. 2 - A subject directory is software that finds...Ch. 2 - When you post digital content online, it is a good...Ch. 2 - The term, blogosphere, refers to the worldwide...Ch. 2 - Tethering is the process of transferring data in a...Ch. 2 - One way to protect yourself from identity theft...Ch. 2 - A(n) _____ is any computer that provides services...Ch. 2 - A(n) _____ is a sequence of numbers that uniquely...Ch. 2 - You register a domain name through _____, which is...Ch. 2 - The _____ is the method the Internet uses to store...Ch. 2 - One way to protect your identity while browsing is...Ch. 2 - _____ is a set of rules that defines how webpages...Ch. 2 - A(n) _____ website contains factual material, such...Ch. 2 - A _____ is a website that offers a variety of...Ch. 2 - tethering a. text-based name that corresponds to...Ch. 2 - Internet backbone a. text-based name that...Ch. 2 - domain name a. text-based name that corresponds to...Ch. 2 - web server a. text-based name that corresponds to...Ch. 2 - tag text-based name that corresponds to the IP...Ch. 2 - catfishing a. text-based name that corresponds to...Ch. 2 - wiki a. text-based name that corresponds to the IP...Ch. 2 - curation website a. text-based name that...Ch. 2 - chat a. text-based name that corresponds to the IP...Ch. 2 - cyberbullying a. text-based name that corresponds...Ch. 2 - What were ARPAs original goals? (56)Ch. 2 - What are the advantages of using a broadband...Ch. 2 - What is the relationship between domain names and...Ch. 2 - Is cybersquatting ethical? Why or why not? (64)Ch. 2 - What is a cybersquatter? (64) What is the goal of...Ch. 2 - How does a static webpage differ from a dynamic...Ch. 2 - How does using a proxy server help protect your...Ch. 2 - What are some safe browsing techniques? (66)Ch. 2 - What are some popular mobile browsers? (67)Ch. 2 - How do GPS receivers track their location on...Ch. 2 - What are the advantages and risks associated with...Ch. 2 - What techniques can you use to improve search...Ch. 2 - What precautions can you take to minimize privacy...Ch. 2 - Would you use a public computer to check email or...Ch. 2 - How do e-commerce and m-commerce differ? (82)Ch. 2 - What should you determine during the planning...Ch. 2 - What steps are involved in web publishing? (84)Ch. 2 - What are some criteria you can use to evaluate a...Ch. 2 - How do JPEG and PNG formats differ? (86)Ch. 2 - What are some practical applications of virtual...Ch. 2 - Where can you obtain plug-ins? (88)Ch. 2 - Besides the web, what other Internet services are...Ch. 2 - What are some good practices to follow when using...Ch. 2 - What elements do you need to place an Internet...Ch. 2 - What is anonymous FTP? (92)Ch. 2 - What activities might be considered cyberbullying?...Ch. 2 - Cyberbullying Message While reviewing the email...Ch. 2 - Unsolicited Friend Requests You recently signed up...Ch. 2 - Unexpected Search Engine A class project requires...Ch. 2 - Images Do Not Appear When you navigate to a...Ch. 2 - Social Media Password Your social media password...Ch. 2 - Suspicious Website Visits The director of your...Ch. 2 - Automatic Response When you return from vacation,...Ch. 2 - Email Message Formatting A friend sent an email...Ch. 2 - Mobile Hot Spot Not Found Your supervisor gave you...Ch. 2 - Sporadic Email Message Delivery The email program...Ch. 2 - Technology in Transportation Your project team has...Ch. 2 - Summarize the process you used to determine your...Ch. 2 - What is your IP address?Ch. 2 - Is it possible for a computer to have more than...Ch. 2 - Participate in an Online Auction Online auctions...Ch. 2 - Participate in an Online Auction Online auctions...Ch. 2 - Participate in an Online Auction Online auctions...Ch. 2 - Do you have a data limit on your mobile data plan?...Ch. 2 - When you enter an area with Wi-Fi, do you...Ch. 2 - Review the mobile data usage on your mobile...Ch. 2 - Review three job search websites. Which one did...Ch. 2 - Which keywords would you use on a job search...Ch. 2 - Before completing this exercise, have you ever...Ch. 2 - Under what circumstances might you want to send a...Ch. 2 - Send an email message to your instructor and put...Ch. 2 - Search for and evaluate three web apps that can...Ch. 2 - Making Use of the Web Online Social Networks and...Ch. 2 - Social Media Most social media companies have...Ch. 2 - Search Skills Understand Search Results Search...Ch. 2 - Security Cybercriminals may lurk in public Wi-Fi...Ch. 2 - Mobile Browser Comparison Although most mobile...Ch. 2 - Acceptable Use Policy Most businesses provide...Ch. 2 - Case Study Amateur Sports League You are the new...

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