Fundamentals of Information Systems

8th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305082168
Chapter 2, Problem 2LO
Textbook Problem

Identify the characteristics of and discuss the usage of various classes of single user and multiuser computer systems.

Program Plan Intro

To list the characteristics and use of different classes of single-user and multi-user computer systems.

Explanation of Solution

Single-user computer systems provide a platform for one user at a time. A single user can interact with several programs simultaneously.

A single user computer system can be divided into two classes:

•  Portable computers: - These are those computers which are small in size and you can carry them easily. It includes handheld computing devices, laptop, Notebook/Ultrabook, and Tablets.

a)  Handheld computers: - A handheld computer is a computing device that can be held comfortably in hand. It includes a display screen along with a numeric keypad. In the market, it is available at a price range of $150-$3000. It weighs less than 0.5 pounds and its screen size is between 2-4 inches. Some examples of handheld computing devices are a calculator, pagers, smart watches etc.

b)  Laptop: - Laptop is a small portable computer designed for use by mobile users. To produce lightweight and thin display screens with a good resolution a variety of flat panel technologies are used. They consist of powerful CPU, large capacity of primary memory and disk storage. Laptops are available at a price range of $300- $1,200. It weighs less than 7 pounds and its screen size is lesser than 17 inches. It is used to improve workers productivity.

c)  Notebook/Ultrabook: - Ultrabook is smaller than a laptop. It provides a natural user interface along with, voice recognition and touchscreen control. It is compatible with running business application and gaming software. It is available at a price range of $300-$800.It weighs less than 3 pounds and its screen size is lesser than 13 inches.

d)  Tablet: - These are portable, a lightweight personal computer that comes with and without the keyboard. It is available at a price range of $350-$700.It weighs less than 2 pounds and its screen size is lesser than 13 inches. It captures data at a point of contact and can do many more things like surf the internet, read e-mail and e-books, view photos, play games, listen to music and watch video files.

•  Non-portable computers: -These are computers which are not easy to carry and generally are operated at some specific location. It includes thin client computers, desktop computers, and workstations.

a)  Thin client computers: - A thin client computer is a low cost. These are centrally managed with no external and internal storage. These are very thin and have limited capabilities and they perform only essential applications. In the market, it is available at a price range of $200-$5000...

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Fundamentals of Information Systems
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