Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

13th Edition
Carlos Coronel + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337627900



Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

13th Edition
Carlos Coronel + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337627900
Textbook Problem

Explain how the entity relationship (ER) model helped produce a more structured relational database design environment.

Program Plan Intro

Entity Relationship Model (ERM):

  • ERM is a form of picture and it has the information about the business system.
  • The information can be created, stored in the form of ERM diagram.
  • It is used to identify the individual information and the way they are interrelated in the business system.

Relational database:

  • Relational database is a set of multiple data organized by tables, records, and columns and it creates the relationship between the database tables.
  • The individual value in table provides the link from one table to another.
  • In a relational database model, the data items and their relationships are linked together in the form of tables.
  • It is simpler than the other two models, because it clearly defines the data item stored in the database and its manipulation.
  • Analysts gather all the information required to develop a database. This information is modeled to visually represent the proposed database.
  • Entity relationship model represent the relationship between the groups of information that is maintained for a business through diagrams.
Program Explanation

ERM used for producing structured relational database design environment:

  • ERM components are described using graphics can be understood easily.
  • Another advantage of the relational model is that the database can be easily accessed than the other two models, becaus...

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