Biology: The Dynamic Science (Mind...

4th Edition
Peter J. Russell + 2 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305389892

Biology: The Dynamic Science (Mind...

4th Edition
Peter J. Russell + 2 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305389892


Chapter 2, Problem 5TYK
Textbook Problem

Which of the following is not a property of water?

a. It has a low boiling point compared with other molecules.

b. It has a high heat of vaporization.

c. Its molecules resist separation, a property called cohesion.

d. It has the property of adhesion, the ability to stick to chargedand polar groups in molecules.

e. It can form hydrogen bonds to molecules below but not aboveits surface.

Expert Solution
Summary Introduction


Water is a colorless, odorless liquid that is an important part of life. It has several properties that make it important. These properties are due to the capability of water to form intermolecular hydrogen bonds with the hydrogen and oxygen atoms of another water molecule. These bonds enable water to form clusters.

Explanation of Solution

Justification for the correct answer:

Option (a) states that water has a lower boiling point as compared to other molecules. The hydrogen bonding in water increases the forces between water molecules. This causes difficulty in converting liquid to vapor, and hence, more heat in the form of high temperature is required, which results in water having a high boiling point. Hence, option (a) is correct.

Justification for the incorrect answers:

Option (b) states that water has a high heat of vaporization. The hydrogen bonding between water molecules increases the intermolecular forces of attraction. This makes it difficult to form vapors and extra heat is required, which leads to high heat of vaporization. So, it is an incorrect option...

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