Welding: Principles and Applicatio...

8th Edition
Larry Jeffus
ISBN: 9781305494695



Welding: Principles and Applicatio...

8th Edition
Larry Jeffus
ISBN: 9781305494695
Textbook Problem

List examples of fixed and variable costs that must be considered when estimating a job.

To determine

The examples of fixed and variable costs to be calculated during the estimation of a job.


Welding cost is depending upon the number of factors. The main cost estimation factors are grouped in two categories: fixed cost and variable cost. These costs include material cost, scrap cost, process cost, filler metal cost, labor cost, overhead cost and finishing cost.

In estimating weld cost, three main weld joint design factors should be studied carefully. These factors are root opening, root face thickness and bevel angle. Plate thickness is also a major factor but in most cases the plate thickness cannot be changed...

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