Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity

10th Edition
John C. Kotz + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337399074



Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity

10th Edition
John C. Kotz + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337399074
Textbook Problem

Define the terms renewable and nonrenewable as applied to energy resources. Which of the following energy resources are renewable: solar energy, coal, natural gas, geothermal energy, wind power?

Interpretation Introduction

Interpretation: The terms renewable and nonrenewable energy sources should be defined and have to predict the renewable source from the given list.

Concept introduction:

Different forms of energy sources: Renewable energy source and Non-renewable energy source.

Renewable energy resources: The resources which occur by natural process and can be recyclable or replaced. They will be much useful to human beings.

Non-renewable energy resources: The resources which are once used and which cannot be available again within a given amount of time. Energy derived from fossil fuel is an example for non-renewable resource.

Water, food and air are the major examples for renewable energy resources. The use of renewable sources contributes less pollution in the atmosphere and this is the reason for their increase use.

Gasoline, coal, diesel, fossil fuel, plastic etc are examples for non-renewable energy resources. The major disadvantages of these resources are they are not renewed and cannot be recycled.


The major crisis faces by human today is energy crisis. Different energy sources are available and these can be classified as renewable energy resource and non-renewable energy resource.

The resources which occur naturally which can be reused and replaced can be called as renewable energy resource. It can be renewed within a given amount of time and contribute less pollution to nature

Solar energy, water, food, wind, biomass include renewable energy resources...

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