10th Edition
Steven S. Zumdahl + 2 others
ISBN: 9781305957404




10th Edition
Steven S. Zumdahl + 2 others
ISBN: 9781305957404
Textbook Problem

A compound containing only carbon and hydrogen is 85.63% C by mass. Reaction of this compound with H2O produces a secondary alcohol as the major product and a primary alcohol as the minor product. (See Exercise 62.) If the molar mass of the hydrocarbon is between 50 and 60 g/mol, name the compound.

Interpretation Introduction

Interpretation: The compound with the molar mass in between 50 and 60 g/mol that produces secondary alcohol as the major product with H2O is to be named.

Concept introduction: The hydration of alkenes in the presence of catalytic amount of strong acids gives secondary alcohols as the major product followed by the Markovnikov rule and the name of any organic compound is determined by using empirical formula when the percent of each element is given in the compound.

To determine: The name of the compound with the molar mass in between 50 and 60 g/mol that produces secondary alcohol as the major product with H2O.



The name of the compound with the molar mass in between 50 and 60 g/mol is 1-butene whose empirical formula and structure is shown below.


The mass percent of carbon in the stated compound is 85.63%.

The mass percent of hydrogen is calculated by the formula,


Substitute the given value of the mass percent of carbon in the above expression.


The overall mass of the given compound is assumed to be 100g.

Therefore, the mass of each element is equal to the mass percent given.

The mass of carbon is 85.63g.

The mass of hydrogen is 14.37g.

The molar mass of carbon is 12g/mol.

The molar mass of hydrogen is 1g/mol.

The number of moles is calculated by the formula,


Substitute the value of the given mass and the molar mass, to calculate the number of moles of carbon and hydrogen, in the above equation.

For carbon,


For hydrogen,


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