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Chapter 22, Problem 1AE


The Language of Medicine, 11e

11th Edition
Davi-Ellen Chabner BA MAT
ISBN: 9780323370813

The Language of Medicine, 11e

11th Edition
Davi-Ellen Chabner BA MAT
ISBN: 9780323370813
Summary Introduction

To give: The meanings of the following term.


Correct answer:

  1. 1. Psychiatrist
  2. 2. Psychologist
  3. 3. Psychoanalyst
  4. 4. Forensic psychiatry
  5. 5. Id
  6. 6. Ego
  7. 7. Superego
  8. 8. Reality testing
  9. 9. Defense
  10. 10. Clinical

  1. 1. Physician specializing in treating mental illness: Psychiatrist.

    A doctor who treats people suffering from psychological disorder is known as psychiatric.

  2. 2. Nonphysician professionals trained in the treatment of mental illness: Psychologist.

    A psychologist is person who studied the mental state and treating diseases of brain.

  3. 3. Therapist who practices psychoanalysis: Psychoanalyst.

    A therapist who treats people who have mental disorder by using psychoanalysis is called as psychoanalyst.

  4. 4. Branch of psychiatry dealing with legal matters: Forensic psychiatry.

    Forensic psychiatry is branch of psychiatry that often study and analyze research from other professionals.

  5. 5. Unconscious part of the personality: Id.

    The Id is the primitive and unconscious component of personality that allows to get basic needs met.

  6. 6. Conscious, coordinating part of the personality: Ego.

    The ego is the psychological part of the personality that is responsible for dealing with reality.

  7. 7. Conscience or moral part of the personality:Superego.

    Superego is the social component of the personality that plays an important role to control the id’s impulses.

  8. 8. Psychological process used to distinguish fact from fantasy: Reality testing.

    Reality testing is a psychotherapeutic function by which real world can be distinguished from virtual world.

  9. 9. Unconscious technique used to resolve or conceal conflicts and anxiety: Defense.

    A defense mechanism is unconscious technique by which unacceptable thoughts, impulses, and feelings are pushed into the unconscious.

  10. 10. Branch of psychology dealing with patient care: Clinical.

    Clinical is a branch of psychology concerned with the treatment of mental illness, psychiatric problems, and abnormal behavior.

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