Oceanography: An Invitation To Mar...

9th Edition
Garrison + 1 other
Publisher: Brooks Cole
ISBN: 9781305254282

Oceanography: An Invitation To Mar...

9th Edition
Garrison + 1 other
Publisher: Brooks Cole
ISBN: 9781305254282


Chapter 2.2, Problem 2.14TBF
Textbook Problem

Who was the next captain to circumnavigate Earth?

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Chapter 2 Solutions

Oceanography: An Invitation To Marine Science, Loose-leaf Versin
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Ch. 2.2 - If he was not a voyager, why is Prince Henry of...Ch. 2.2 - What were the main stimuli to European voyages of...Ch. 2.3 - Why was the Board of Longitude hesitant to pay...Ch. 2.3 - Is there anything geographically special about the...Ch. 2.3 - Captain James Cook has been called the first...Ch. 2.3 - Why was determining longitude so important? Why is...Ch. 2.4 - How do you suppose the scientists and the deck...Ch. 2.4 - Consider the title of Mahans work. Now think of...Ch. 2.4 - What were the goals and results of the United...Ch. 2.4 - What were Matthew Maurys contributions to marine...Ch. 2.4 - What was the first purely scientific oceanographic...Ch. 2.4 - What was Sir John Murrays main contribution to the...Ch. 2.4 - In what ways did the work of Alfred Thayer Mahan...Ch. 2.5 - Can you think of some factors that might affect...Ch. 2.5 - Why were oceanographic conditions at Earths poles...Ch. 2.5 - How is the echo sounder an improvement over a...Ch. 2.5 - What stimulated the rise of oceanographic...Ch. 2.5 - Satellites orbit in space. How can a satellite...Ch. 2.5 - What role does field research play in modern...Ch. 2 - How could you convince a 10-year-old child that...Ch. 2 - How did the Library of Alexandria contribute to...Ch. 2 - How did Eratosthenes calculate the approximate...Ch. 2 - If Columbus didnt discover North America, then who...Ch. 2 - What were the contributions of Captain James Cook?...Ch. 2 - What was the first purely scientific oceanographic...Ch. 2 - Who was probably the first person to undertake the...Ch. 2 - What famous American is also famous for publishing...Ch. 2 - What is an echo sounder? Can you think of some...Ch. 2 - Sketch briefly the major developments in marine...

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