College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
Publisher: OpenStax College
ISBN: 9781938168000

College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
Publisher: OpenStax College
ISBN: 9781938168000


Chapter 22, Problem 31CQ
Textbook Problem

An example of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) comes from the flow of a river (salty water). This fluid interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field to produce a potential difference between the two river banks. How would you go about calculating the potential difference?

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Chapter 22 Solutions

College Physics
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Repeat Exercise 22.41, but with the loop lying...Ch. 22 - (a) The hot and neutral wires supplying DC power...Ch. 22 - The force per meter between the two wires of a...Ch. 22 - A 2.50m segment of wire supplying current to the...Ch. 22 - The wire carrying 400 A to The motor of a commuter...Ch. 22 - An AC appliance cord has its hot and neutral wires...Ch. 22 - Figure 22.57 shows a long straight wire near a...Ch. 22 - Find the direction and magnitude of the force that...Ch. 22 - Find the direction and magnitude of the force that...Ch. 22 - Indicate whether the magnetic field created in...Ch. 22 - What are the directions of the fields in the...Ch. 22 - What are the directions of the currents in the...Ch. 22 - To see why an MRI utilizes iron to increase the...Ch. 22 - Inside a motor, 30.0 A passes through a 250-turn...Ch. 22 - Nonnuclear submarines use batteries for power when...Ch. 22 - How strong is the magnetic field inside a solenoid...Ch. 22 - What current is needed in the solenoid described...Ch. 22 - How far from the starter cable of a car, carrying...Ch. 22 - Measurements affect the system being measured,...Ch. 22 - Figure 22.62 shows a long straight wire just...Ch. 22 - Find the magnitude and direction of the magnetic...Ch. 22 - Find the magnitude and direction of the magnetic...Ch. 22 - What current is needed in the top wire in Figure...Ch. 22 - Calculate the size of the magnetic field 20 m...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts A pendulum is set up so that...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts (a) What voltage will...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts Find the radius of curvature...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts To construct a nonmechanical...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts (a) Using the values given for...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts (a) Calculate the maximum...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts A current balance used to...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts (a) Show that the period of...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts A cyclotron accelerates...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts (a) A 0.140-kg baseball,...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts (a) What is the direction of...Ch. 22 - Integrated Concepts One long straight wire is to...Ch. 22 - Unreasonable Results (a) Find the charge on a...Ch. 22 - Unreasonable Results A charged particle having...Ch. 22 - Unreasonable Results An inventor wants to generate...Ch. 22 - Unreasonable Results Frustrated by the small Hall...Ch. 22 - Unreasonable Results A surveyor 100 m from a long...Ch. 22 - Construct Your Own Problem Consider a mass...Ch. 22 - Construct Your Own Problem Consider using the...

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