General Chemistry - Standalone boo...

11th Edition
Steven D. Gammon + 7 others
ISBN: 9781305580343



General Chemistry - Standalone boo...

11th Edition
Steven D. Gammon + 7 others
ISBN: 9781305580343
Textbook Problem

What is the correct IUPAC name for the following compound?


  1. a 4-heptenol
  2. b 3-methyl-2-pentanol
  3. c 4-pentanol
  4. d 4-heptanol
  5. e 1,3-diethyl-2-propanol

Interpretation Introduction


IUPAC name for the given hydrocarbons has to be written.

Concept Introduction:

Any organic molecule can be named by using certain rules given by IUPAC (International Union for Pure and applied chemistry). IUPAC name consists of three parts in major namely Prefix suffix and root word.

Prefix represents the substituent present in the molecule and its position in the root name.

Suffix denotes the presence of functional group if any in the molecule. It can be an alkene, alkyne, alcohol, carboxylic acid, alcohol etc...

Root word represents the longest continuous carbon skeleton of the organic molecule.

To Identify: The IUPAC name for the compound from the given set of options.


Reason for correct option:

From the given structure the lengthy carbon chain has to be identified.  In this case it is a seven carbon chain and hence the parent alkane is heptane.  The substitution that is present in the lengthy carbon chain is a hydroxyl group in the fourth carbon atom.  Therefore the functional group is alcohol.  Suffix “-ol” has to be added at the end of the IUPAC name.  Therefore, the name of the given hydrocarbon is written as 4-heptanol.

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