College Physics

10th Edition
Raymond A. Serway + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285737027



College Physics

10th Edition
Raymond A. Serway + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285737027
Chapter 24, Problem 1P
Textbook Problem

A laser beam is incident on two slits with a separation of 0.200 mm. and a screen is placed 5.00 m from the slits. If the bright interference fringes on the screen are separated by 1.58 cm. what is the wavelength of the laser light?

To determine
The wavelength of the laser light.

Explanation of Solution

Given info:

The slit separation is 0.200mm .

The screen distance is 5.00m .

The fringe separation is 1.58cm .


Formula to calculate the wavelength is,



λ is the wavelength

Δy is the fringe separation

d is the slit separation

D is the screen distance

Substitute 0.200mm for d , 5.00m for D and 1.58cm for Δy to find λ .


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