Welding: Principles and Applicatio...

8th Edition
Larry Jeffus
ISBN: 9781305494695



Welding: Principles and Applicatio...

8th Edition
Larry Jeffus
ISBN: 9781305494695
Textbook Problem

What are the common types of strength measurements?

To determine

To define:

Common types of strength measurements.


Strength is defined as the ability of a material to withstand stresses without failure.

Common types of strength measurements are:

1)Tensile strength:

It is defined as the ability of the material to withstand longitudinal/tensilestress without failure. It is measured in terms of ultimate strength in a tensile test on a universal testing machine.

2)Compressive strength:

It is defined as the maximum compressive stress; the material can resist without fracture. It is also measured on a universal testing machine (UTM)...

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