Introduction to General, Organic a...

11th Edition
Frederick A. Bettelheim + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285869759

Introduction to General, Organic a...

11th Edition
Frederick A. Bettelheim + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285869759


Chapter 27, Problem 27.10P
Textbook Problem

How much ATP is needed for normal daily activity

in humans?

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Chapter 27 Solutions

Introduction to General, Organic and Biochemistry
Ch. 27 - What kind of chemical bond exists between the...Ch. 27 - When NAD* is reduced, two electrons enter the...Ch. 27 - Which atoms in the flavin portion of FAD are...Ch. 27 - NAD+ has two ribose units in its structure; FAD...Ch. 27 - In the common catabolic pathway, a number of...Ch. 27 - The ribitol in FAD is bound to phosphate. What is...Ch. 27 - What kind Of chemical bond exists between the...Ch. 27 - Name the vitamin B molecules that are part Of the...Ch. 27 - In both NAD+ and FAD, the vitamin B portion of the...Ch. 27 - What type Of compound is formed when coenzyme A...Ch. 27 - The fats and carbohydrates metabolized by our bod-...Ch. 27 - The first step in the citric acid cycle is...Ch. 27 - What is the only C5 compound in the citric acid...Ch. 27 - Identify by number those steps of the citric acid...Ch. 27 - Which substrate in the citric acid cycle is...Ch. 27 - In Steps 3 and 5 of the citric acid cycle, the...Ch. 27 - According to Table 23-1, to what class of enzymes...Ch. 27 - List all the enzymes or enzyme systems of the...Ch. 27 - Is ATP directly produced during any step of the...Ch. 27 - There are four dicarboxylic acid compounds, each...Ch. 27 - Why is a many-step cyclic process more efficient...Ch. 27 - Do the two C02 molecules given off in one turn Of...Ch. 27 - Which intermediates Of the citric acid cycle...Ch. 27 - The citric acid cycle can be regulated by the...Ch. 27 - Oxidation is defined as loss of electrons. When...Ch. 27 - What is the main function of oxidative...Ch. 27 - What are the mobile electron carriers Of oxidative...Ch. 27 - In each complex of the electron transport system,...Ch. 27 - What kind of motion is set up in the proton-...Ch. 27 - The following reaction is a reversible reaction:...Ch. 27 - In oxidative phosphorylation, water is formed from...Ch. 27 - At what points in oxidative phosphorylation are...Ch. 27 - How many ATP molecules are generated (a) for each...Ch. 27 - When H+ is pumped out into the intermembrane...Ch. 27 - What is the channel through which ions reenter the...Ch. 27 - The proton gradient accumulated in the intermem-...Ch. 27 - Which part of the proton-translocating ATPase...Ch. 27 - When the interaction between the two parts Of...Ch. 27 - If each mole of ATP yields 7.3 kcal of energy upon...Ch. 27 - A hexose (C6) enters the common metabolic pathway...Ch. 27 - (a) How do muscles contract? (b) Where does the...Ch. 27 - Give an example of the conversion Of the chemical...Ch. 27 - How is the enzyme phosphorylase activated?Ch. 27 - (Chemical Connections 27A) What is a protonophore?Ch. 27 - (Chemical Connections 27A) Oligomycin is an anti-...Ch. 27 - (Chemical Connections 27B) Can ATP and its de-...Ch. 27 - (Chemical Connections 27B) Do ATP, ADP, AMP, and...Ch. 27 - (Chemical Connections 27B) What does the release...Ch. 27 - (Chemical Connections 27B) Are any drugs in...Ch. 27 - (a) What is the difference in structure between...Ch. 27 - How many grams of CH3COOH (from acetyl COA)...Ch. 27 - What is the basic difference in the functional...Ch. 27 - The passage of ions from the cytoplasmic side into...Ch. 27 - What kind Of reaction occurs in the citric acid...Ch. 27 - What structural characteristics do citric acid and...Ch. 27 - Two ketoacids are important in the citric acid...Ch. 27 - Which filament of muscles is an enzyme, catalyzing...Ch. 27 - One of the end products of food metabolism is...Ch. 27 - How many sterecocenters are in isocitrate?Ch. 27 - Acetyl COA is labeled with radioactive carbon as...Ch. 27 - Where is the H+ ion channel located in the proton-...Ch. 27 - Is the passage of H+ ion through the channel in...Ch. 27 - Does all the energy used in ATP synthesis come...Ch. 27 - (a) In the citric acid cycle, how many steps can...Ch. 27 - What is the role Of succinate dehydrogenase in the...Ch. 27 - How many sterecocenters are in malate?Ch. 27 - What is the source of carbon dioxide that we...Ch. 27 - Does oxygen combine directly with carbon -...Ch. 27 - Some soft drinks contain citric acid as flavoring....Ch. 27 - Is mitochondrial ATPase an integral membrane...Ch. 27 - Do all complexes of the electron transport chain...Ch. 27 - Why is mitochondarial al ATPase considered a motor...Ch. 27 - Does the metabolism Of cancer cells differ from...Ch. 27 - DO genes that play a role in the development of...Ch. 27 - Is there a connection between circadian rhythms...Ch. 27 - Does the suppression of metabolism, especially...Ch. 27 - In this chapter, we have primarily discussed...Ch. 27 - DO you expect that the citric acid cycle will...Ch. 27 - Mitochondrial processes are more important in...Ch. 27 - Why is it somewhat misleading to study biochemi-...Ch. 27 - Why does citrate isomerize to isocitrate before...Ch. 27 - Why is the material in this chapter called the...Ch. 27 - What are two ways in which iron is part Of the...Ch. 27 - Why is it necessary for the proteins of the...Ch. 27 - Why is it necessary to have mobile electron carri-...Ch. 27 - Why does the loss Of C02 make the citric acid...Ch. 27 - Why is the citric acid cycle central to...Ch. 27 - Is there a significant difference in the energy...Ch. 27 - Are biosynthetic pathways likely to involve...Ch. 27 - -100 Are biosynthetic pathways likely to release...Ch. 27 - -101 In a typical human, body weight fluctuates...Ch. 27 - -102 When the electron transport pathway was first...Ch. 27 - -103 Oxygen does not appear in any of the...Ch. 27 - -104 Is it likely that some of the important...

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