Principles of Information Systems ...

12th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285867168



Principles of Information Systems ...

12th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781285867168
Chapter 3, Problem 14DQ
Textbook Problem

Discuss potential issues that can arise if an organization is not careful in selecting a reputable service organization to recycle or dispose of its IS equipment.

Program Plan Intro

Components of computer:

Computer has four major components, they are:

  • Central processing unit (CPU)
  • Memory unit
  • Input devices
  • Output devices

Central Processing Unit (CPU):

  • CPU plays the key role in a computer by carrying out instructions of a computer program.
  • It performs all the basic logic, arithmetic, controlling and input/output operations that are specified by the instructions.
  • The CPU comprises of two units, Arithmetic logic unit (ALU) and control unit (CU).

Memory unit:

  • Once computer program instructions set are transformed into machine code by CPU, the machine code is stored in memory.
  • Then the CPU fetches the required data and instructions from memory, perform the required operations and then sends the result and next set of instructions back to memory.

Input devices:

  • The devices used by the user to feed information to computer, such as a hard drive, keyboard, or a networking card.
  • These devices get the data from outside world into computer in the way that human eyes and ears bring the data to brain.

Output devices:

  • Output devices are used by computer to deliver the information to the user, such as a monitor, printer, and speaker.
  • The CPU takes the machine code present in memory and converts it into a format that is required by monitor’s hardware.
  • Then the monitor’s hardware alters that information into different light intensities such that words or pictures are seen.

Explanation of Solution

Potential issues that may arise:

  • It can pollute the environment.
  • It allows data to be uncovered if found.
  • It may arise unsafe experience in recycling operations and leaching of materials.
  • It denotes leaching of heavy metals from landfills as well as incinerator ashes...

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