Calculus: Early Transcendental Fun...

7th Edition
Ron Larson + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337552516



Calculus: Early Transcendental Fun...

7th Edition
Ron Larson + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337552516
Textbook Problem

Radians and Degrees The fundamental limit

lim x sin x x = 1

assumes that x is measured in radians. Suppose you assume that x is measured in degrees instead of radians.

(a) Set your calculator to degree mode and complete the table.

z (in degrees) 0.1 0.01 0.0001
sin z z

(b) Use the table to estimate

lim z 0 sin z z

for z in degrees. What is the exact value of this limit?

(Hint: 180 = π )

(c) Use the limit definition of the derivative to find D z for z in degrees.

(d) Define the new functions S ( z ) = sin c z and C ( z ) = cos c z , where c = π / 180 . Find S (90) and C(180). Use the Chain Rule to calculate D, [s (z)].

(e) Explain why calculus is made easier by using radians instead of degrees.

To determine

To fill: The blank spaces in the table given below by converting radians to degrees.

z (degrees) 0.1 0.01 0.0001


The fundamental limit is


Where x is in radians.


The calculator is normally in the radian mode which is converted into the degree mode, and then the value given of z, to get the following complete table

z (degrees) 0


To determine
The exact value of the limit limz0sinzz using the table.


To determine

To calculate: The value of Dz[sinz] for z in degrees.


To determine

To calculate: The value of S(90) and C(180) and solve Dz[S(z)] by chain rule.


To determine
The reason for calculus is made easier by using radians instead of degrees.

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P-55ESect-3.2 P-56ESect-3.2 P-57ESect-3.2 P-58ESect-3.2 P-59ESect-3.2 P-60ESect-3.2 P-61ESect-3.2 P-62ESect-3.2 P-63ESect-3.2 P-64ESect-3.2 P-65ESect-3.2 P-66ESect-3.2 P-67ESect-3.2 P-68ESect-3.2 P-69ESect-3.2 P-70ESect-3.2 P-71ESect-3.2 P-72ESect-3.2 P-73ESect-3.2 P-74ESect-3.2 P-75ESect-3.2 P-76ESect-3.2 P-77ESect-3.2 P-78ESect-3.2 P-79ESect-3.2 P-80ESect-3.2 P-81ESect-3.2 P-82ESect-3.2 P-83ESect-3.2 P-84ESect-3.2 P-85ESect-3.2 P-86ESect-3.2 P-87ESect-3.2 P-88ESect-3.2 P-89ESect-3.2 P-90ESect-3.2 P-91ESect-3.2 P-92ESect-3.2 P-93ESect-3.2 P-94ESect-3.2 P-95ESect-3.2 P-96ESect-3.2 P-97ESect-3.2 P-98ESect-3.2 P-99ESect-3.2 P-100ESect-3.2 P-101ESect-3.2 P-102ESect-3.2 P-103ESect-3.2 P-104ESect-3.2 P-105ESect-3.2 P-106ESect-3.2 P-107ESect-3.2 P-108ESect-3.2 P-109ESect-3.2 P-110ESect-3.2 P-111ESect-3.2 P-112ESect-3.2 P-113ESect-3.2 P-114ESect-3.2 P-115ESect-3.2 P-116ESect-3.2 P-117ESect-3.2 P-118ESect-3.2 P-119ESect-3.2 P-120ESect-3.2 P-121ESect-3.3 P-1ESect-3.3 P-2ESect-3.3 P-3ESect-3.3 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P-75ESect-3.3 P-76ESect-3.3 P-77ESect-3.3 P-78ESect-3.3 P-79ESect-3.3 P-80ESect-3.3 P-81ESect-3.3 P-82ESect-3.3 P-83ESect-3.3 P-84ESect-3.3 P-85ESect-3.3 P-86ESect-3.3 P-87ESect-3.3 P-88ESect-3.3 P-89ESect-3.3 P-90ESect-3.3 P-91ESect-3.3 P-92ESect-3.3 P-93ESect-3.3 P-94ESect-3.3 P-95ESect-3.3 P-96ESect-3.3 P-97ESect-3.3 P-98ESect-3.3 P-99ESect-3.3 P-100ESect-3.3 P-101ESect-3.3 P-102ESect-3.3 P-103ESect-3.3 P-104ESect-3.3 P-105ESect-3.3 P-106ESect-3.3 P-107ESect-3.3 P-108ESect-3.3 P-109ESect-3.3 P-110ESect-3.3 P-111ESect-3.3 P-112ESect-3.3 P-113ESect-3.3 P-114ESect-3.3 P-115ESect-3.3 P-116ESect-3.3 P-117ESect-3.3 P-118ESect-3.3 P-119ESect-3.3 P-120ESect-3.3 P-121ESect-3.3 P-122ESect-3.3 P-123ESect-3.3 P-124ESect-3.3 P-125ESect-3.3 P-126ESect-3.3 P-127ESect-3.3 P-128ESect-3.3 P-129ESect-3.3 P-130ESect-3.3 P-131ESect-3.3 P-132ESect-3.3 P-133ESect-3.3 P-134ESect-3.3 P-135ESect-3.3 P-136ESect-3.3 P-137ESect-3.3 P-138ESect-3.3 P-139ESect-3.3 P-140ESect-3.3 P-141ESect-3.3 P-142ESect-3.3 P-143ESect-3.3 P-144ESect-3.3 P-145ESect-3.3 P-146ESect-3.4 P-1ESect-3.4 P-2ESect-3.4 P-3ESect-3.4 P-4ESect-3.4 P-5ESect-3.4 P-6ESect-3.4 P-7ESect-3.4 P-8ESect-3.4 P-9ESect-3.4 P-10ESect-3.4 P-11ESect-3.4 P-12ESect-3.4 P-13ESect-3.4 P-14ESect-3.4 P-15ESect-3.4 P-16ESect-3.4 P-17ESect-3.4 P-18ESect-3.4 P-19ESect-3.4 P-20ESect-3.4 P-21ESect-3.4 P-22ESect-3.4 P-23ESect-3.4 P-24ESect-3.4 P-25ESect-3.4 P-26ESect-3.4 P-27ESect-3.4 P-28ESect-3.4 P-29ESect-3.4 P-30ESect-3.4 P-31ESect-3.4 P-32ESect-3.4 P-33ESect-3.4 P-34ESect-3.4 P-35ESect-3.4 P-36ESect-3.4 P-37ESect-3.4 P-38ESect-3.4 P-39ESect-3.4 P-40ESect-3.4 P-41ESect-3.4 P-42ESect-3.4 P-43ESect-3.4 P-44ESect-3.4 P-45ESect-3.4 P-46ESect-3.4 P-47ESect-3.4 P-48ESect-3.4 P-49ESect-3.4 P-50ESect-3.4 P-51ESect-3.4 P-52ESect-3.4 P-53ESect-3.4 P-54ESect-3.4 P-55ESect-3.4 P-56ESect-3.4 P-57ESect-3.4 P-58ESect-3.4 P-59ESect-3.4 P-60ESect-3.4 P-61ESect-3.4 P-62ESect-3.4 P-63ESect-3.4 P-64ESect-3.4 P-65ESect-3.4 P-66ESect-3.4 P-67ESect-3.4 P-68ESect-3.4 P-69ESect-3.4 P-70ESect-3.4 P-71ESect-3.4 P-72ESect-3.4 P-73ESect-3.4 P-74ESect-3.4 P-75ESect-3.4 P-76ESect-3.4 P-77ESect-3.4 P-78ESect-3.4 P-79ESect-3.4 P-80ESect-3.4 P-81ESect-3.4 P-82ESect-3.4 P-83ESect-3.4 P-84ESect-3.4 P-85ESect-3.4 P-86ESect-3.4 P-87ESect-3.4 P-88ESect-3.4 P-89ESect-3.4 P-90ESect-3.4 P-91ESect-3.4 P-92ESect-3.4 P-93ESect-3.4 P-94ESect-3.4 P-95ESect-3.4 P-96ESect-3.4 P-97ESect-3.4 P-98ESect-3.4 P-99ESect-3.4 P-100ESect-3.4 P-101ESect-3.4 P-102ESect-3.4 P-103ESect-3.4 P-104ESect-3.4 P-105ESect-3.4 P-106ESect-3.4 P-107ESect-3.4 P-108ESect-3.4 P-109ESect-3.4 P-110ESect-3.4 P-111ESect-3.4 P-112ESect-3.4 P-113ESect-3.4 P-114ESect-3.4 P-115ESect-3.4 P-116ESect-3.4 P-117ESect-3.4 P-118ESect-3.4 P-119ESect-3.4 P-120ESect-3.4 P-121ESect-3.4 P-122ESect-3.4 P-123ESect-3.4 P-124ESect-3.4 P-125ESect-3.4 P-126ESect-3.4 P-127ESect-3.4 P-128ESect-3.4 P-129ESect-3.4 P-130ESect-3.4 P-131ESect-3.4 P-132ESect-3.4 P-133ESect-3.4 P-134ESect-3.4 P-135ESect-3.4 P-136ESect-3.4 P-137ESect-3.4 P-138ESect-3.4 P-139ESect-3.4 P-140ESect-3.4 P-141ESect-3.4 P-142ESect-3.4 P-143ESect-3.4 P-144ESect-3.4 P-145ESect-3.4 P-146ESect-3.4 P-147ESect-3.4 P-148ESect-3.4 P-149ESect-3.4 P-150ESect-3.4 P-151ESect-3.4 P-152ESect-3.4 P-153ESect-3.4 P-154ESect-3.4 P-155ESect-3.4 P-156ESect-3.4 P-157ESect-3.4 P-158ESect-3.4 P-159ESect-3.4 P-160ESect-3.4 P-161ESect-3.4 P-162ESect-3.4 P-163ESect-3.4 P-164ESect-3.4 P-165ESect-3.4 P-166ESect-3.4 P-167ESect-3.4 P-168ESect-3.4 P-169ESect-3.4 P-170ESect-3.4 P-171ESect-3.4 P-172ESect-3.4 P-173ESect-3.4 P-174ESect-3.4 P-175ESect-3.4 P-176ESect-3.4 P-177ESect-3.4 P-178ESect-3.4 P-179ESect-3.4 P-180ESect-3.4 P-181ESect-3.4 P-182ESect-3.4 P-183ESect-3.4 P-184ESect-3.4 P-185ESect-3.4 P-186ESect-3.5 P-1ESect-3.5 P-2ESect-3.5 P-3ESect-3.5 P-4ESect-3.5 P-5ESect-3.5 P-6ESect-3.5 P-7ESect-3.5 P-8ESect-3.5 P-9ESect-3.5 P-10ESect-3.5 P-11ESect-3.5 P-12ESect-3.5 P-13ESect-3.5 P-14ESect-3.5 P-15ESect-3.5 P-16ESect-3.5 P-17ESect-3.5 P-18ESect-3.5 P-19ESect-3.5 P-20ESect-3.5 P-21ESect-3.5 P-22ESect-3.5 P-23ESect-3.5 P-24ESect-3.5 P-25ESect-3.5 P-26ESect-3.5 P-27ESect-3.5 P-28ESect-3.5 P-29ESect-3.5 P-30ESect-3.5 P-31ESect-3.5 P-32ESect-3.5 P-33ESect-3.5 P-34ESect-3.5 P-35ESect-3.5 P-36ESect-3.5 P-37ESect-3.5 P-38ESect-3.5 P-39ESect-3.5 P-40ESect-3.5 P-41ESect-3.5 P-42ESect-3.5 P-43ESect-3.5 P-44ESect-3.5 P-45ESect-3.5 P-46ESect-3.5 P-47ESect-3.5 P-48ESect-3.5 P-49ESect-3.5 P-50ESect-3.5 P-51ESect-3.5 P-52ESect-3.5 P-53ESect-3.5 P-54ESect-3.5 P-55ESect-3.5 P-56ESect-3.5 P-57ESect-3.5 P-58ESect-3.5 P-59ESect-3.5 P-60ESect-3.5 P-61ESect-3.5 P-62ESect-3.5 P-63ESect-3.5 P-64ESect-3.5 P-65ESect-3.5 P-66ESect-3.5 P-67ESect-3.5 P-68ESect-3.5 P-69ESect-3.5 P-70ESect-3.5 P-71ESect-3.5 P-72ESect-3.5 P-73ESect-3.5 P-74ESect-3.5 P-75ESect-3.5 P-76ESect-3.5 P-77ESect-3.5 P-78ESect-3.5 P-79ESect-3.5 P-80ESect-3.5 P-81ESect-3.5 P-82ESect-3.5 P-83ESect-3.5 P-84ESect-3.5 P-85ESect-3.5 P-86ESect-3.5 P-87ESect-3.5 P-88ESect-3.5 P-89ESect-3.5 P-90ESect-3.5 P-91ESect-3.5 P-92ESect-3.5 P-93ESect-3.5 P-94ESect-3.5 P-95ESect-3.6 P-1ESect-3.6 P-2ESect-3.6 P-3ESect-3.6 P-4ESect-3.6 P-5ESect-3.6 P-6ESect-3.6 P-7ESect-3.6 P-8ESect-3.6 P-9ESect-3.6 P-10ESect-3.6 P-11ESect-3.6 P-12ESect-3.6 P-13ESect-3.6 P-14ESect-3.6 P-15ESect-3.6 P-16ESect-3.6 P-17ESect-3.6 P-18ESect-3.6 P-19ESect-3.6 P-20ESect-3.6 P-21ESect-3.6 P-22ESect-3.6 P-23ESect-3.6 P-24ESect-3.6 P-25ESect-3.6 P-26ESect-3.6 P-27ESect-3.6 P-28ESect-3.6 P-29ESect-3.6 P-30ESect-3.6 P-31ESect-3.6 P-32ESect-3.6 P-33ESect-3.6 P-34ESect-3.6 P-35ESect-3.6 P-36ESect-3.6 P-37ESect-3.6 P-38ESect-3.6 P-39ESect-3.6 P-40ESect-3.6 P-41ESect-3.6 P-42ESect-3.6 P-43ESect-3.6 P-44ESect-3.6 P-45ESect-3.6 P-46ESect-3.6 P-47ESect-3.6 P-48ESect-3.6 P-49ESect-3.6 P-50ESect-3.6 P-51ESect-3.6 P-52ESect-3.6 P-53ESect-3.6 P-54ESect-3.6 P-55ESect-3.6 P-56ESect-3.6 P-57ESect-3.6 P-58ESect-3.6 P-59ESect-3.6 P-60ESect-3.6 P-61ESect-3.6 P-62ESect-3.6 P-63ESect-3.6 P-64ESect-3.6 P-65ESect-3.6 P-66ESect-3.6 P-67ESect-3.6 P-68ESect-3.6 P-69ESect-3.6 P-70ESect-3.6 P-71ESect-3.6 P-73ESect-3.6 P-74ESect-3.6 P-75ESect-3.6 P-76ESect-3.6 P-77ESect-3.6 P-78ESect-3.6 P-79ESect-3.6 P-80ESect-3.6 P-81ESect-3.6 P-82ESect-3.6 P-83ESect-3.6 P-84ESect-3.6 P-85ESect-3.6 P-86ESect-3.7 P-1ESect-3.7 P-2ESect-3.7 P-3ESect-3.7 P-4ESect-3.7 P-5ESect-3.7 P-6ESect-3.7 P-7ESect-3.7 P-8ESect-3.7 P-9ESect-3.7 P-10ESect-3.7 P-11ESect-3.7 P-12ESect-3.7 P-13ESect-3.7 P-14ESect-3.7 P-15ESect-3.7 P-16ESect-3.7 P-17ESect-3.7 P-18ESect-3.7 P-19ESect-3.7 P-20ESect-3.7 P-21ESect-3.7 P-22ESect-3.7 P-23ESect-3.7 P-24ESect-3.7 P-25ESect-3.7 P-26ESect-3.7 P-27ESect-3.7 P-28ESect-3.7 P-29ESect-3.7 P-30ESect-3.7 P-31ESect-3.7 P-32ESect-3.7 P-33ESect-3.7 P-34ESect-3.7 P-35ESect-3.7 P-36ESect-3.7 P-37ESect-3.7 P-38ESect-3.7 P-39ESect-3.7 P-40ESect-3.7 P-41ESect-3.7 P-42ESect-3.7 P-43ESect-3.7 P-44ESect-3.7 P-45ESect-3.7 P-46ESect-3.7 P-47ESect-3.7 P-48ESect-3.7 P-49ESect-3.7 P-50ESect-3.7 P-51ESect-3.8 P-1ESect-3.8 P-2ESect-3.8 P-3ESect-3.8 P-4ESect-3.8 P-5ESect-3.8 P-6ESect-3.8 P-7ESect-3.8 P-8ESect-3.8 P-9ESect-3.8 P-10ESect-3.8 P-11ESect-3.8 P-12ESect-3.8 P-13ESect-3.8 P-14ESect-3.8 P-15ESect-3.8 P-16ESect-3.8 P-17ESect-3.8 P-18ESect-3.8 P-19ESect-3.8 P-20ESect-3.8 P-21ESect-3.8 P-22ESect-3.8 P-23ESect-3.8 P-24ESect-3.8 P-25ESect-3.8 P-26ESect-3.8 P-27ESect-3.8 P-28ESect-3.8 P-29ESect-3.8 P-30ESect-3.8 P-31ESect-3.8 P-32ESect-3.8 P-33ESect-3.8 P-34ESect-3.8 P-35ESect-3.8 P-36ESect-3.8 P-37ESect-3.8 P-38ESect-3.8 P-39ESect-3.8 P-40ESect-3.8 P-41ESect-3.8 P-42ESect-3.8 P-43ESect-3.8 P-44ESect-3.8 P-45ESect-3.8 P-46ECh-3 P-1RECh-3 P-2RECh-3 P-3RECh-3 P-4RECh-3 P-5RECh-3 P-6RECh-3 P-7RECh-3 P-8RECh-3 P-9RECh-3 P-10RECh-3 P-11RECh-3 P-12RECh-3 P-13RECh-3 P-14RECh-3 P-15RECh-3 P-16RECh-3 P-17RECh-3 P-18RECh-3 P-19RECh-3 P-20RECh-3 P-21RECh-3 P-22RECh-3 P-23RECh-3 P-24RECh-3 P-25RECh-3 P-26RECh-3 P-27RECh-3 P-28RECh-3 P-29RECh-3 P-30RECh-3 P-31RECh-3 P-32RECh-3 P-33RECh-3 P-34RECh-3 P-35RECh-3 P-36RECh-3 P-37RECh-3 P-38RECh-3 P-39RECh-3 P-40RECh-3 P-41RECh-3 P-42RECh-3 P-43RECh-3 P-44RECh-3 P-45RECh-3 P-46RECh-3 P-47RECh-3 P-48RECh-3 P-49RECh-3 P-50RECh-3 P-51RECh-3 P-52RECh-3 P-53RECh-3 P-54RECh-3 P-55RECh-3 P-56RECh-3 P-57RECh-3 P-58RECh-3 P-59RECh-3 P-60RECh-3 P-61RECh-3 P-62RECh-3 P-63RECh-3 P-64RECh-3 P-65RECh-3 P-66RECh-3 P-67RECh-3 P-68RECh-3 P-69RECh-3 P-70RECh-3 P-71RECh-3 P-72RECh-3 P-73RECh-3 P-74RECh-3 P-75RECh-3 P-76RECh-3 P-77RECh-3 P-78RECh-3 P-79RECh-3 P-80RECh-3 P-81RECh-3 P-82RECh-3 P-83RECh-3 P-84RECh-3 P-85RECh-3 P-86RECh-3 P-87RECh-3 P-88RECh-3 P-89RECh-3 P-90RECh-3 P-91RECh-3 P-92RECh-3 P-93RECh-3 P-94RECh-3 P-95RECh-3 P-96RECh-3 P-97RECh-3 P-98RECh-3 P-99RECh-3 P-100RECh-3 P-101RECh-3 P-102RECh-3 P-103RECh-3 P-104RECh-3 P-105RECh-3 P-106RECh-3 P-107RECh-3 P-108RECh-3 P-109RECh-3 P-110RECh-3 P-111RECh-3 P-112RECh-3 P-113RECh-3 P-114RECh-3 P-115RECh-3 P-116RECh-3 P-117RECh-3 P-118RECh-3 P-119RECh-3 P-120RECh-3 P-121RECh-3 P-122RECh-3 P-123RECh-3 P-124RECh-3 P-125RECh-3 P-126RECh-3 P-127RECh-3 P-128RECh-3 P-129RECh-3 P-130RECh-3 P-1PSCh-3 P-2PSCh-3 P-3PSCh-3 P-4PSCh-3 P-5PSCh-3 P-6PSCh-3 P-7PSCh-3 P-8PSCh-3 P-9PSCh-3 P-10PSCh-3 P-11PSCh-3 P-12PSCh-3 P-13PSCh-3 P-14PSCh-3 P-15PSCh-3 P-16PS

Additional Math Solutions

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Simplify Simplify the rational expression. 19. x2+5x+6x2+8x+15

Precalculus: Mathematics for Calculus (Standalone Book)

Solve the equations in Exercises 126. 14x2=0

Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus (MindTap Course List)

Find the mean, median, and mode for the following scores; 8, 7, 5, 7, 0, 10, 2, 4, 11, 7, 8, 7

Essentials of Statistics for The Behavioral Sciences (MindTap Course List)

In Exercises 35-42, find functions f and g such that h = g f. (Note: The answer is not unique.) 42. h(x)=12x+1...

Applied Calculus for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences: A Brief Approach

Find the derivatives of the functions in Problems 1-34. 7.

Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences

Find the total current in each parallel circuit:

Elementary Technical Mathematics

Differentiate. f(z) = (1 ez)(z + ez)

Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals