Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458



Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458
Chapter 3, Problem 48SG
Textbook Problem

List symptoms of technology addiction. Define the term, technology overload.

Program Plan Intro

Technology addiction:

Technology addiction is defined as the excessive usage of the internet or the computer system in the daily life and that affects the health and daily life of the individual. It affects the normal daily life of an individual in terms of personal, family, financial and professional.

Explanation of Solution

Symptoms of technology addiction:

  • If an individual suffering from insomnia and depression and unable to use the internet due to some network issues then, he/she can be termed as technology addict...

Explanation of Solution

Technology overload:

Technology overload is defined as the situation in which users feel uncomfortable, depr...

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Chapter 3 Solutions

Enhanced Discovering Computers 2017 (Shelly Cashman Series) (MindTap Course List)
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Ch. 3 - Identify types of desktop users and explain how...Ch. 3 - Identify how you can purchase the appropriate...Ch. 3 - Describe the purpose and functions of a server....Ch. 3 - Define virtualization as it relates to servers....Ch. 3 - Define the terms, terminal and thin client. List...Ch. 3 - Identify situations where POS terminals, ATMs, and...Ch. 3 - A(n) _____ is used to solve complex, sophisticated...Ch. 3 - List cloud computing resources. Describe how...Ch. 3 - List types of mobile devices. Describe features of...Ch. 3 - Explain the issues surrounding the recycling of...Ch. 3 - Identify methods for typing on a smartphone.Ch. 3 - List options provided by text, picture/video...Ch. 3 - Distinguish between push and pull notifications.Ch. 3 - _____ occurs when a persons attention is diverted,...Ch. 3 - Describe the types of digital cameras, how they...Ch. 3 - Explain how resolution affects digital picture...Ch. 3 - Identify the features of portable media and...Ch. 3 - List considerations when purchasing different...Ch. 3 - List features of e-book readers and wearable...Ch. 3 - Identify types of game controllers.Ch. 3 - Explain whether fitness video games are an...Ch. 3 - List products that contain embedded computers....Ch. 3 - Describe the trend, the Internet of Things.Ch. 3 - Describe categories of computers and mobile...Ch. 3 - Explain how a computer uses ports and connectors.Ch. 3 - List devices that connect to a USB port. Explain...Ch. 3 - Define the term, backward compatible.Ch. 3 - Distinguish between a port replicator and a...Ch. 3 - Describe the following technologies: Bluetooth,...Ch. 3 - _____ is the process of initiating contact between...Ch. 3 - List steps to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi...Ch. 3 - List methods for securing against hardware theft...Ch. 3 - Define the terms, undervoltage and overvoltage,...Ch. 3 - Describe the purposes of surge protectors and UPS...Ch. 3 - Identify causes and types of repetitive strain...Ch. 3 - List guidelines for evaluating earbuds and...Ch. 3 - Describe the role of ergonomics in a workplace.Ch. 3 - List symptoms of technology addiction. Define the...Ch. 3 - Describe how technology is used in the energy...Ch. 3 - Malware authors often focus on social media, with...Ch. 3 - The disadvantages of a virtual server are that it...Ch. 3 - A mainframe is a small terminal that looks like a...Ch. 3 - Thin clients contain powerful hard drives.Ch. 3 - Applications requiring complex, sophisticated...Ch. 3 - Most computers and electronic devices are analog,...Ch. 3 - SLR cameras are much heavier and larger than...Ch. 3 - Because embedded computers are components in...Ch. 3 - Instead of the term, port, the term, connector,...Ch. 3 - Newer versions of USB are backward compatible,...Ch. 3 - A port replicator is an external device that...Ch. 3 - Because the processor in a computer is...Ch. 3 - Which of the following is not true of ultrathin...Ch. 3 - Some people use the term _____ to refer to the...Ch. 3 - Power users may work with a high-end desktop,...Ch. 3 - Services provided by _____ include storing content...Ch. 3 - A dedicated server that backs up and restores...Ch. 3 - A four-or five-digit number assigned to a specific...Ch. 3 - A(n) _____ is a special-purpose computer that...Ch. 3 - A(n) _____ can connect up to 127 different...Ch. 3 - peripheral deviceCh. 3 - motherboardCh. 3 - CPUCh. 3 - slate tabletCh. 3 - phabletCh. 3 - server virtualizationCh. 3 - thin clientCh. 3 - kioskCh. 3 - push notificationCh. 3 - fault-tolerant computer (141)Ch. 3 - How do malware authors use social media to spread...Ch. 3 - What are the two main components of the...Ch. 3 - How do ultrathin laptops differ from traditional...Ch. 3 - What privacy issues have arisen with webcams in...Ch. 3 - What are the two types of tablets?Ch. 3 - What is a stylus? (112)Ch. 3 - What is in the system unit?Ch. 3 - What are the features of a gaming desktop?Ch. 3 - Who might use a workstation?Ch. 3 - What additional requirements are associated with a...Ch. 3 - What are the three form factors for servers?Ch. 3 - What are the advantages of virtual servers?Ch. 3 - How does a POS terminal serve as input?Ch. 3 - What are some examples of self-serve kiosks?Ch. 3 - How does cloud computing allow businesses to more...Ch. 3 - What are three types of cloud computing?Ch. 3 - What information might you receive from a web to...Ch. 3 - For what purpose is a common short code (CSC)...Ch. 3 - How do push notifications differ from pull...Ch. 3 - How do SLR cameras differ from point-and-shoot...Ch. 3 - What is the difference between enhanced and...Ch. 3 - What are three popular wearable devices?Ch. 3 - Why are embedded computers usually small with...Ch. 3 - What are some types of ports you might find on a...Ch. 3 - What is the purpose of a docking station?Ch. 3 - What is necessary before two Bluetooth devices can...Ch. 3 - Why might you want to connect your phone to a...Ch. 3 - How does a surge protector work? What is the...Ch. 3 - How can you prevent RSIs and CTS?Ch. 3 - Slow Computer Performance Your computer is running...Ch. 3 - Faulty ATM When using an ATM to deposit a check,...Ch. 3 - Wearable Device Not Syncing Your wearable device...Ch. 3 - Battery Draining Quickly Although the battery on...Ch. 3 - Potential Virus Infection While using your laptop,...Ch. 3 - Excessive Phone Heat While using your smartphone,...Ch. 3 - Server Not Connecting While traveling on a...Ch. 3 - Mobile Device Synchronization When you plug your...Ch. 3 - Cloud Service Provider Your company uses a cloud...Ch. 3 - Connecting to a Projector Your boss asked you to...Ch. 3 - Technology in Energy Management Your science...Ch. 3 - What type of device are you attempting to...Ch. 3 - Which program or app did you use to synchronize...Ch. 3 - What type of e-book reader do you have? Are you...Ch. 3 - In addition to e-book readers, what other types of...Ch. 3 - Do e-books cost more or less than traditional...Ch. 3 - What power management settings have you configured...Ch. 3 - Compare battery life on your device before and...Ch. 3 - What other power management settings are you able...Ch. 3 - Have you been following the above guidelines while...Ch. 3 - What types of health risks might nonergonomic use...Ch. 3 - What are some additional guidelines you can follow...Ch. 3 - Of the above techniques, which way do you find is...Ch. 3 - What other technologies might you be able to use...Ch. 3 - Would you rather transfer media from your mobile...Ch. 3 - Making Use of the Web Retail and Auctions...Ch. 3 - Social Media Businesses know that using social...Ch. 3 - Search Skills Search Operators Search engines...Ch. 3 - Security Surge protectors and uninterruptible...Ch. 3 - Technology Purchases You are the director of...Ch. 3 - Game Devices You manage a youth recreation center...Ch. 3 - Case Study Amateur Sports League You are the new...Ch. 3 - National Security Uses for Technology Technology...

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