Fundamentals of Physical Geography

2nd Edition
James Petersen
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781133606536

Fundamentals of Physical Geography

2nd Edition
James Petersen
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781133606536


Chapter 3, Problem 6QR
Textbook Problem

What is meant by Earth’s energy budget and how does it stay in balance?

Expert Solution
To determine

The meaning of Earth’s energy budget and the way in which it stays in balance.

Explanation of Solution

Earth’s energy budget defines the determination and record of the incoming energy and its storage, along with the outgoing energy processes. On an average global scale, only 47 percent of the insolation that comes across the outer atmosphere ultimately reaches the surface, 19 percent may be reserved in the atmosphere, and 34 percent goes back to space. Since the energy budget of Earth is in equilibrium, 47 percent received at the surface will finally return to the atmosphere.

The energy system involved in heating the atmosphere could be better understood by a close study of the Earth’s energy budget...

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Fundamentals of Physical Geography
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