College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168000



College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168000
Textbook Problem

Data from the appendices and the periodic table may be needed for these problems.

There is more than one isotope of natural uranium. If a researcher isolates 1.00 mg of the relatively scarce 235U and finds this mass to have an activity of 80.0 Bq, what is its half−life in years?

To determine

The half-life of U235 .


Given info:

The 1.00mg of U235 has activity 80Bq .

Formula used:

find the number of atoms present in given sample,



Here, N is the number of atoms, NA Avogadro number and M molar atomic mass of U235

To find the half-life.



Here, R is the activity and t12 is the half-life.


To find the number of atoms substitute all known values in equation-1


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