College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168000



College Physics

1st Edition
Paul Peter Urone + 1 other
ISBN: 9781938168000
Textbook Problem

Data from the appendices and the periodic table may be needed for these problems.

Unreasonable Results

(a) Repeat Exercise 31.57 but include the 0.0055% natural abundance of 234U with its 2.45 × 10 5 y half−life. (b) What is unreasonable about this result? (c) What assumption is responsible? (d) Where does the 234U come from if it is not primordial?

To determine


The ratio of original238Uabundance to present value


Given Data:

0.0055 % natural abundance of234Uwith its2.45×105Yhalf-life

Formula Used:



Here, N is number of radioactive substances, N not is initial number andt1/2is half-life time


We have,t=4.5×109Y,t1/2=2

To determine


What is unreasonable about the part a result.

To determine


What assumption is responsible?

To determine


Where does234Ucome from?

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