Automotive Technology: A Systems A...

6th Edition
Jack Erjavec + 1 other
ISBN: 9781133612315



Automotive Technology: A Systems A...

6th Edition
Jack Erjavec + 1 other
ISBN: 9781133612315
Textbook Problem

Which of the following CANNOT be used as a source for the production of hydrogen?

a. Gasoline

b. Methanol

c. Carbon dioxide

d. Natural gas

To determine

The source unable to produce hydrogen.


Given information:

Which of the following cannot be used as a source to produce hydrogen?

  1. Gasoline
  2. Methanol
  3. Carbon Dioxide
  4. Natural gas

Hydrogen is used as a source of energy in fuel cells. It is used as a fuel for running electric vehicles. It is present in form of compound, for example hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water. Hydrogen and carbon combines in stochiometric ratio to form hydrocarbons.

Hydrogen can also be extracted from other fuels like gasoline, methanol and natural gas. Natural gas contains methane which has hydrogen as its basic element.

Fuel cells are the source of energy for running a vehicle by operating it like an electrical vehicle. In fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen is used as fuel for running a vehicle. The energy is generated by igniting hydrogen to produce electrical energy. When hydrogen is ignited, it releases electrons.

Hydrogen is present in theform of a compound. It is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen, they combine to form water. Fuel cells that are used in electric vehicles use hydrogen as a source of energy...

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