Accounting Information Systems

11th Edition
Ulric J. Gelinas + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337552127



Accounting Information Systems

11th Edition
Ulric J. Gelinas + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337552127
Textbook Problem

Narrative 1: Freshplace Grocery

At Freshplace Grocery, customers give their purchases to a sales clerk along with cash. The sales clerk enters the sale in a cash register and puts the money in the register drawer. At the end of the day, the sales clerk gives the cash and the register tape to the cashier. The cashier reconciles the cash and the tape to make sure all of the cash is present.

Use the narrative(s) on pg. 136, as selected by your instructor, to draw a context diagram. If you did Short Problem 4.1, use that information to help you construct the diagram.

a. Use Microsoft Visio, any other diagramming software or another Microsoft office product such as Excel to create the diagram you drew in Short Problem 4-2.

Summary Introduction

Narrative summary:

Company F is a grocery shop where the purchases will be given to the sales clerk by the customer along with the cash. The sales clerk will put the cash into the drawer and enter the sales in the register. The cash and the sales will be handed over to the cashier at the end of the shift. He will review the sales register and cash.

To draw: The context diagram.


Accounting Information System (AIS) is said to be the specialized subsystem of the Information System (IS). AIS can be used in the business events for the purpose of collecting, processing, and reporting the financial information.


Draw the context diagrm:

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