Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458



Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458
Chapter 4, Problem 30SG
Textbook Problem

Define the terms, CBT and WBT.

Explanation of Solution


  • The full form of CBT is “Computer Based Training”.
  • It is a type of education for students who learns and complete exercise by using an instructional software.
  • Example: Airlines use CBT software in order to train pilots to fly in different conditions.
  • Advantages: Fewer distractions, internet connection is not required.
  • Disadvantages: Interaction cannot be done with other users, user gets fewer updates.


  • The full form of WBT is “Web Based Training”...

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Chapter 4 Solutions

Enhanced Discovering Computers 2017 (Shelly Cashman Series) (MindTap Course List)
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Ch. 4 - List types of productivity applications.Ch. 4 - Describe the activities that occur during project...Ch. 4 - Differentiate among font, font size, and font...Ch. 4 - Explain the impact of the Internet on plagiarism.Ch. 4 - Applications often include a(n) _____ gallery,...Ch. 4 - Identify functions of the following software: word...Ch. 4 - Identify tools word processing programs provide...Ch. 4 - Define the following terms: worksheet and...Ch. 4 - Describe when you should use a database and when...Ch. 4 - List advantages of using a software suite.Ch. 4 - Identify ways you can manage a project using...Ch. 4 - List safety considerations when using personal...Ch. 4 - Describe issues that might arise when using legal...Ch. 4 - Name the types of software used by various...Ch. 4 - Identify functions of the following apps: calendar...Ch. 4 - Identify risks when using payment apps.Ch. 4 - Identify functions of the following software:...Ch. 4 - List ways to edit digital photos. Identify issues...Ch. 4 - _____ authoring software allows users to combine...Ch. 4 - Define the terms, CBT and WBT.Ch. 4 - List types of personal interest applications.Ch. 4 - Describe ways to use voice command personal...Ch. 4 - Identify types of communications applications.Ch. 4 - List issues surrounding an email provider scanning...Ch. 4 - Identify functions of the following tools:...Ch. 4 - Describe ways a virus infects programs or apps.Ch. 4 - List types of malware. Identify signs of a virus...Ch. 4 - Explain the risks of and how to avoid computer...Ch. 4 - A virus _____ is a known specific pattern of virus...Ch. 4 - Identify ways to avoid malware when using a mobile...Ch. 4 - List and describe four types of Internet filters.Ch. 4 - Identify functions of the following tools: file...Ch. 4 - Define the terms, folder and index.Ch. 4 - List steps to uninstall a program or remove an...Ch. 4 - Describe the disk defragmentation process.Ch. 4 - Compressed files are sometimes called _____ files.Ch. 4 - List storage media for backups.Ch. 4 - Describe uses of technology in the entertainment...Ch. 4 - Application software serves as the interface...Ch. 4 - While a computer or mobile device is running, the...Ch. 4 - Open source software is mass-produced, copyrighted...Ch. 4 - When downloading shareware, freeware, or...Ch. 4 - With web apps, you always access the latest...Ch. 4 - With database software, users run functions to...Ch. 4 - Software suites offer three major advantages:...Ch. 4 - A PDF file can be viewed and printed without the...Ch. 4 - The military and airlines use CBT simulations to...Ch. 4 - A router also can function as a hardware firewall....Ch. 4 - A worm is a destructive program designed as a real...Ch. 4 - Cookies typically are considered a type of...Ch. 4 - ______ software performs functions specific to a...Ch. 4 - A(n) _____ is the right to use a program or app....Ch. 4 - _____ software is an application that allows users...Ch. 4 - Mobile payment apps use a payment system on phones...Ch. 4 - _____ is a type of application that assists...Ch. 4 - The term _____ refers to removing unwanted areas...Ch. 4 - A(n) _____ is a device intended to stop network...Ch. 4 - _____ is a small text file that a web server...Ch. 4 - tools a. destructive event or prank a virus was...Ch. 4 - shareware (161) a. destructive event or prank a...Ch. 4 - software as a service (162) a. destructive event...Ch. 4 - QR code (178) a. destructive event or prank a...Ch. 4 - CBT (184) a. destructive event or prank a virus...Ch. 4 - personal firewall (189) a. destructive event or...Ch. 4 - payload (190) a. destructive event or prank a...Ch. 4 - worm a. destructive event or prank a virus was...Ch. 4 - quarantine (191) a. destructive event or prank a...Ch. 4 - phishing a. destructive event or prank a virus was...Ch. 4 - What is the role of the operating system? (158)Ch. 4 - What is system software?Ch. 4 - What are the advantages of open source software?Ch. 4 - Why do app developers opt for web delivery? (161)Ch. 4 - What is the difference between software...Ch. 4 - What activities does a license agreement restrict?...Ch. 4 - What does it mean to edit a project? (165)Ch. 4 - What is the clipboard?Ch. 4 - What is meant by font style? (166)Ch. 4 - How often should you save a project? (166)Ch. 4 - How does a spreadsheet organize data? (169)Ch. 4 - How are cells identified in a spreadsheet? (169)Ch. 4 - When might you choose to use a database instead of...Ch. 4 - What features are included in personal finance...Ch. 4 - What steps can you take to safeguard your funds...Ch. 4 - Who might use CAD? (180)Ch. 4 - Should journalists edit or enhance digital photos?...Ch. 4 - What tasks can you accomplish using mapping apps?...Ch. 4 - How does a personal firewall protect your...Ch. 4 - What happens during the delivery phase of a virus?...Ch. 4 - How do a virus, worm, trojan horse, and rootkit...Ch. 4 - In reference to malware, what is a quarantine?...Ch. 4 - What is a phishing scam?Ch. 4 - Why is spam potentially dangerous? (193)Ch. 4 - What are the different types of file, disk, and...Ch. 4 - How does a search tool locate a file on your...Ch. 4 - What is a fragmented disk? (197)Ch. 4 - How does fragmentation affect a computers...Ch. 4 - What tasks does a PC maintenance tool perform?...Ch. 4 - Antivirus Program Not Updating You are attempting...Ch. 4 - Operating System Does Not Load Each time you turn...Ch. 4 - Unwanted Programs When you displayed a list of...Ch. 4 - News Not Updating Each morning, you run an app on...Ch. 4 - Incompatible App You are using your Android tablet...Ch. 4 - Videoconference Freezes While conducting a...Ch. 4 - License Agreement You are planning to work from...Ch. 4 - Low on Space The computer in your office is...Ch. 4 - Unacceptable File Size Your boss has asked you to...Ch. 4 - Disc Burning Not Working While attempting to back...Ch. 4 - Under what circumstances would you use each of...Ch. 4 - Compare and contrast the different methods of...Ch. 4 - What are some reputable websites that can provide...Ch. 4 - In addition to the operating systems built-in...Ch. 4 - In addition to trying to free space on your...Ch. 4 - Try compressing various types of files on your...Ch. 4 - Which websites did you access? Compare these...Ch. 4 - Has your computer or mobile device ever been...Ch. 4 - Is your computer or mobile device adequately...Ch. 4 - How often do you feel you should back up your...Ch. 4 - Which storage medium do you feel is most...Ch. 4 - Research at least three programs that you can use...Ch. 4 - For what other reasons might you share your...Ch. 4 - In addition to the steps outlined previously, in...Ch. 4 - In addition to sharing online calendars, is it...Ch. 4 - Making Use of the Web Website Creation and...Ch. 4 - Social Media Gaming via social media has seen...Ch. 4 - Security Virus hoaxes are widespread and sometimes...Ch. 4 - Web and Mobile App Comparison You recently...

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