Principles of Geotechnical Enginee...

9th Edition
Braja M. Das + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305970939



Principles of Geotechnical Enginee...

9th Edition
Braja M. Das + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305970939
Textbook Problem

The following data were recorded during a shrinkage limit test on a clay soil pat: Vi = 20.6, Vf = 13.8 cm3, M1 = 47.5 g, and mass of dry soil, M2 = 34.6 g. Determine the shrinkage limit and the shrinkage ratio.

To determine

Find the shrinkage limit and shrinkage ratio.


Given information:

Initial volume of clay soil pat Vi is 19.3cm3.

The mass of clay soil pat M1 is 37 g.

Final volume of dry soil Vf is 16cm3.

The mass of dry soil M2 is 28 g.


Consider the density of water as ρw=1g/cm3.

Determine the shrinkage limit value using the relation.


Substitute 47.5 g for M1, 34.6 g for M2, 20.6cm3 for Vi, 13.8cm3 for Vf, and 1g/cm3 for ρw

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