International Edition---engineerin...

4th Edition
Andrew Pytel And Jaan Kiusalaas
ISBN: 9781305501607



International Edition---engineerin...

4th Edition
Andrew Pytel And Jaan Kiusalaas
ISBN: 9781305501607
Textbook Problem

Determine the forces in members GH, BH, and BC of the truss.

To determine

Force in members GH, BH and BC.


Given information:

To determine the forces on above mechanism:

We use method of sections.

Here we have three unknowns.

Therefore three independent equations need to be used to find unknown forces.

Steps to follow in the equilibrium analysis of a body are:

1. Draw the free body diagram.

2. Write the equilibrium equations.

3. Solve the equations for the unknowns.


FBD of entire section

Assume NA as the reaction force at point A and Ex,Ey as the reaction force components at point E.

The above truss is symmetrical.



FBD of truss left of section a-a

Assume PGH,PBH,PBC as the forces on member GH, BH and BC respectively.

For the equilibrium of above section, the bending moment about point B is equal to zero.



Substitute and solve


For the equilibrium of above section, the bending moment about point H is equal to zero.



Substitute and solve


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