19th Edition
ISBN: 9781337516549




19th Edition
ISBN: 9781337516549
Chapter 4, Problem 44R
Textbook Problem

A 30-ampere branch circuit is installed for an electric clothes dryer. What is the maximum ampere rating of a dryer permitted by the NEC to be cord-and-plug connected to this circuit? Check the correct answer.

  1. a. ______ 30 amperes
  2. b. ______ 24 amperes
  3. c. ______ 15 amperes

To determine

Select the correct option from given options for the maximum ampere rating of a dryer that consists of a 30-ampere branch circuit.

Explanation of Solution


The National Electrical Code committee develops NEC – the standard electrical code, and the main objective for the origin of the code is to protect and safeguard people and elements from the electrical hazards.

According to NEC 210.23 (A)(1), the ampere rating of cord-and-plug connected appliances are not exceeded than 80% of the branch-circuit ampere rating.

Find the value of maximum ampere rating.

Maximum ampere rating=(80%)(

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