Biology: The Dynamic Science (Mind...

4th Edition
Peter J. Russell + 2 others
ISBN: 9781305389892



Biology: The Dynamic Science (Mind...

4th Edition
Peter J. Russell + 2 others
ISBN: 9781305389892
Textbook Problem

The hindbrain subdivides and eventually gives rise to the:

a. spinal cord.

b. cerebellum.

c. mesencephalon.

d. thalamus.

e. cerebrum.

Summary Introduction


The hindbrain is also known as rhombencephalon. It is the lower part of the brain stem. It comprises medulla, pons, and cerebellum. Hindbrain possesses a variable number of transversal swelling, known as rhombomeres. The hindbrain is responsible for controlling major fundamental survival functions like respiratory rhythm, motor activity, sleep, and others.


Justification of correct answer:

Option (b) is cerebellum. Cerebellum comprises a tightly folded layer of cortex, white matter (underneath), and ventricle (at the base). The cerebellum is located in the posterior cranial fossa. It is the subdivision of hindbrain and carries out signal from eyes, ears, and muscle spindles from telencephalon. Hence, option (b) is correct.

Justification of incorrect answer:

Option (a) is spinal cord. The long thin, tubular structure that is composed of nerve tissue and located from medulla oblongata of the brainstem to the lumbar region of the vertebral column is called spinal cord. During embryonic development, spinal cord arises from the anterior end of the neural tube. So, it is an incorrect answer.

Option (c) is mesencephalon...

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