Biology: The Unity and Diversity o...

15th Edition
Cecie Starr + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337408332



Biology: The Unity and Diversity o...

15th Edition
Cecie Starr + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337408332
Textbook Problem

The ___ is a genetic dead end.

  1. a. polar body
  2. b. oocyte
  3. c. ovum
  4. d. sperm

Summary Introduction

Concept introduction: The male and female gametes are the result of the reduction division, which is the meiosis during gametogenesis. The process of the production of female gametes, the ova is called as oogenesis. Four cells are produced when a single cell is undergoing meiosis and out of which only one cell develops into an ovum.


Reasons for the correct statement:

During oogenesis, the primordial germ cells undergo meiosis. From each primordial germ cell, four cells are produced. All four cells have half of the number of dead cells. Out of these four cells, only one cell develops into an ovum. The other cells are formed as the polar body. The polar body, though has half of the number of chromosomes, is not propagated to the next generation. Therefore, the polar body cells meet genetic dead end.

Option a. is given as “requires formation of gametes by meiosis”.

As oogenesis results in the production of the polar body that is not propagated to next generation, the correct answer is option a.

Reasons for incorrect statements:

Option b. is given as “oocyte”...

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