Biology: The Unity and Diversity o...

15th Edition
Cecie Starr + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337408332



Biology: The Unity and Diversity o...

15th Edition
Cecie Starr + 3 others
ISBN: 9781337408332
Textbook Problem

Which cannot be a symbiosis?

  1. a. mutualism
  2. b. parasitism
  3. c. commensalism
  4. d. interspecific competition

Summary Introduction

Introduction: The interactions among members of the different species are called interspecific interactions. These interactions include predation, interspecific competition, herbivory, facilitation and symbiosis (mutualism, parasitism and commensalism). Many of the interspecific interactions can affect the survival and reproduction of the species that engage in them. When the two species have a close association with each other and which in turn benefits at least any one of them, this is called symbiosis.


Reason for correct answer:

Interspecific competition is a type of competitive interaction between the species. In this interaction, two or more species compete with each other for the same limited resource. Thus, both the species get harmed. Example—a fox and a bobcat competing for prey. Interspecific interactions can lead to resource partitioning. Interspecific competition does not show symbiotic relationship. For symbiosis to take place, at least any one of the species must be benefited. But in interspecific competition, both the species are harmed.

Option d. is given as “Interspecific competition”.

Interspecific competition will not show symbiotic relationship because in this type of interaction, both the species are harmed.

Hence, the correct answer is option d.

Reasons for incorrect answers:

Option a. is given as “Mutualism”...

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