Inquiry into Physics

8th Edition
ISBN: 9781337515863
Textbook Problem

. Aluminum is melted during the recycling process.
(a) How much heat must he transferred to each kilogram of aluminum to bring it to its melting point, 660°C, from room temperature, 20°C?
(b) About how many cups of coffee could you make with this much energy (see Example 5,4)?

To determine


How much heat must be transferred to each kilogram of aluminum to bring to its melting point ,660°C from room temperature 20°C?



Mass of aluminum, m=1 kg

Initial temperature, T1=200C

Final temperature, T2=6600C

So, change in temperature, ΔT=6400C.

Formula used:

The amount of heat needed to transferred to a substance to cause a temperature change ΔT is given by


Where C is the specific heat capacity of substance, here it is aluminum

To determine


About how many cups of coffee would you make with this much energy (see Example 5.4).

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