Inquiry into Physics

8th Edition
ISBN: 9781337515863
Textbook Problem

During a workout, a shot-putter loses 0.175 kg of water through evaporation. The heat required to produce the evaporation (a phase change from liquid water to water vapor) comes from the athlete's body. During his exercise, the shot-palter does 1,25 × 105 J of work. (a) Assuming it requires 2.42 × 106J of energy to vaporize one kilogram of perspiration, find the amount of heat transferee from the athlete to evaporate the sweat and to help cool him.
(b) Find the change in the internal energy of the shot-putter during his workout.

(c) Determine the minimum number of food Calories that must be consumed to replace this loss of internal energy.

To determine


Amount of heat given out of the athletes body to help him cool down.



Amount of water evaporated from the athlete’s body = 0.175kg

Heat required to evaporate 1kg of water = 2.42×106J.

Formula used:

Heat released=amount of water×Heat required to evaporate 1kg of water

To determine


Change in internal energy of the shot putter during work out.

To determine


Calories to be consumed to regain strength.

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