Inquiry into Physics

8th Edition
ISBN: 9781337515863
Textbook Problem

An iron railroad rail is 700 ft long when the temperature is 30°C. What is its length when the temperature is — 10°C?

To determine

What is the length of an iron railroad rail when the temperature is -10°C?


Given info:

An iron railroad rail is 700ft long when the temperature is 30°C.

Let the Length of iron railroad rail given be denoted as L1=700ft=213.36 m.

Formula used:

In thin solids like rods, the dependence of length on the temperature can be expressed by the formula


Where Δl is the change in length due to change in temperature ΔT, l denotes the original length of the solid. α is the coefficient of linear expansion which is a constant value for each solid. Here we have iron. We will find the change in length Δl and then find the new length from that value.


Here the initial temperature is 300C and new temperature is 100C

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