Trigonometry (MindTap Course List)

8th Edition
Charles P. McKeague + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305652224



Trigonometry (MindTap Course List)

8th Edition
Charles P. McKeague + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305652224
Textbook Problem

Write y = sin x + cos x in the form y = A sin ( B x + C ) . First identify the values of a, b, and B. Then solve for A and C using the results from Question 3. How does this equation compare with the one you found in Question 1?

To determine

To evaluate:

The values of a, b and B then solve for A andC.


Given information:

The equation is given as, sinx+cosx=Asin(Bx+C).


The equation is given as,


Compare sinx+cosx with asinBx+bcosBx.

Then a=1,b=1 and B=1.



b=AsinC.......(2) .

Substitute 1 for a in equation 1 and equation 2 and divide bothe the equation.


Substitute π4 for C and 1 for a in equation 1

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P-77PSSect-5.1 P-78PSSect-5.1 P-79PSSect-5.1 P-80PSSect-5.1 P-81PSSect-5.1 P-82PSSect-5.1 P-83PSSect-5.1 P-84PSSect-5.1 P-85PSSect-5.1 P-86PSSect-5.1 P-87PSSect-5.1 P-88PSSect-5.1 P-89PSSect-5.1 P-90PSSect-5.1 P-91PSSect-5.1 P-92PSSect-5.1 P-93PSSect-5.1 P-94PSSect-5.1 P-95PSSect-5.1 P-96PSSect-5.1 P-97PSSect-5.1 P-98PSSect-5.1 P-99PSSect-5.1 P-100PSSect-5.1 P-101PSSect-5.2 P-1PSSect-5.2 P-2PSSect-5.2 P-3PSSect-5.2 P-4PSSect-5.2 P-5PSSect-5.2 P-6PSSect-5.2 P-7PSSect-5.2 P-8PSSect-5.2 P-9PSSect-5.2 P-10PSSect-5.2 P-11PSSect-5.2 P-12PSSect-5.2 P-13PSSect-5.2 P-14PSSect-5.2 P-15PSSect-5.2 P-16PSSect-5.2 P-17PSSect-5.2 P-18PSSect-5.2 P-19PSSect-5.2 P-20PSSect-5.2 P-21PSSect-5.2 P-22PSSect-5.2 P-23PSSect-5.2 P-24PSSect-5.2 P-25PSSect-5.2 P-26PSSect-5.2 P-27PSSect-5.2 P-28PSSect-5.2 P-29PSSect-5.2 P-30PSSect-5.2 P-31PSSect-5.2 P-32PSSect-5.2 P-33PSSect-5.2 P-34PSSect-5.2 P-35PSSect-5.2 P-36PSSect-5.2 P-37PSSect-5.2 P-38PSSect-5.2 P-39PSSect-5.2 P-40PSSect-5.2 P-41PSSect-5.2 P-42PSSect-5.2 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P-16PSSect-5.4 P-17PSSect-5.4 P-18PSSect-5.4 P-19PSSect-5.4 P-20PSSect-5.4 P-21PSSect-5.4 P-22PSSect-5.4 P-23PSSect-5.4 P-24PSSect-5.4 P-25PSSect-5.4 P-26PSSect-5.4 P-27PSSect-5.4 P-28PSSect-5.4 P-29PSSect-5.4 P-30PSSect-5.4 P-31PSSect-5.4 P-32PSSect-5.4 P-33PSSect-5.4 P-34PSSect-5.4 P-35PSSect-5.4 P-36PSSect-5.4 P-37PSSect-5.4 P-38PSSect-5.4 P-39PSSect-5.4 P-40PSSect-5.4 P-41PSSect-5.4 P-42PSSect-5.4 P-43PSSect-5.4 P-44PSSect-5.4 P-45PSSect-5.4 P-46PSSect-5.4 P-47PSSect-5.4 P-48PSSect-5.4 P-49PSSect-5.4 P-50PSSect-5.4 P-51PSSect-5.4 P-52PSSect-5.4 P-53PSSect-5.4 P-54PSSect-5.4 P-55PSSect-5.4 P-56PSSect-5.4 P-57PSSect-5.4 P-58PSSect-5.4 P-59PSSect-5.4 P-60PSSect-5.4 P-61PSSect-5.4 P-62PSSect-5.4 P-63PSSect-5.4 P-64PSSect-5.4 P-65PSSect-5.4 P-66PSSect-5.4 P-67PSSect-5.4 P-68PSSect-5.4 P-69PSSect-5.5 P-1PSSect-5.5 P-2PSSect-5.5 P-3PSSect-5.5 P-4PSSect-5.5 P-5PSSect-5.5 P-6PSSect-5.5 P-7PSSect-5.5 P-8PSSect-5.5 P-9PSSect-5.5 P-10PSSect-5.5 P-11PSSect-5.5 P-12PSSect-5.5 P-13PSSect-5.5 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P-1GPCh-5 P-2GPCh-5 P-3GPCh-5 P-4GPCh-5 P-5GPCh-5 P-1RP

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