Inquiry into Physics

8th Edition
ISBN: 9781337515863
Textbook Problem

(¦ Indicates a review question, which means it requires only a basic understanding of the material to answer. Questions without this designation typically require integrating or extending the concepts presented thus far.)

¦ Explain what a bimetallic strip is and how it functions.

To determine

The function of a bimetallic strip.


In a bimetallic strip, there are two different metallic strip which are bonded to one another and these strips are expanded at different rates when they are heated. These strips are generally made up of the steel and copper else of steel and brass for some of the cases. The coefficients of these two metals have different linear expansion of coefficient.

When the bimetallic strip is heated it is bended in one direction and when it is cooled down it bends to another direction...

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