Electric Motor Control

10th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781133702818



Electric Motor Control

10th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781133702818
Chapter 50, Problem 10SQ
Textbook Problem

Referring to Figure 50–5, what keeps the time-delay coil (TD) energized after coil M is de-energized?

To determine

Explain how the time delay coil (TD) is energized after the coil M is de-energized.

Explanation of Solution


Refer to Figure 50-5 in the textbook; the figure illustrates the dynamic braking for a synchronous motor. When the start button is pressed, the resistor connected to motor lead of control panel is opened by energizing the contactor coil (A). The contactor coil (A) energizes the M coil to start the motor across the line. Timing cycle begins when the timing relay coil TR is energized. When the motor runs in a high speed by the winding in the rotor, the TR coil energizes the DC contactor (B) to supply current in the field. Then, the field discharge resistor circuit is opened...

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