Automotive Technology

7th Edition
ERJAVEC + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage,
ISBN: 9781337794213



Automotive Technology

7th Edition
ERJAVEC + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage,
ISBN: 9781337794213
Chapter 6, Problem 12MC
Textbook Problem

The tests conducted by a scan tool can also be done by some.

  1. fuel injector pulse testers

  • exhaust analyzers
  • engine analyzers
  • digital volt/ohmmeters
  • To determine

    A scan tool which conducted tests can also conducted by ________.

    Explanation of Solution

    Scan Tool is the type of microprocessors which helps in monitoring the activities of the system by connecting with a computer of the vehicle. It may also access trouble codes and perform a test to verify with the system.

    A fuel injector pulse tester is used for proper operation of fuel injectors consisting of a timing circuit and a pressure gauge.

    Engine exhaust analyzers are used for measuring the amount of harmful gases viz. carbon monoxide in the exhaust of the engine that is caused due to an incorrect combustion.

    Engine analyzers are used to perform an overall engine performance analysis. It consists of all the equipment that is necessary for the complete analysis of the engine...

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    Automotive Technology
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